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Hi all, how are you all hope it has been a good day for you.

The other day I picked Niki up and we made a stop at a local shop, it was full of Christmas stock and elves, the things that gave me an inspiration to start the Emo diary in the very beginning of this publishing journey.

I must say it took a lot of ElF control not to walk out of the shop having purchased more, but it did start to give me that sentimental feeling again. The feeling that Christmas always brings to our home, this year a tough one as Niki is visiting her boyfriend and his parents.

She has been working so hard every day on learning Dutch I have been so impressed with her easy grasp of this new langue, excuse if I spelt that wrong .

Jake’s annual review for his EHCP is Thursday and tommorrow he has his physio and test on his ears. Maybe that’s why I have trouble sleeping tonight alot going round in my mind,

Maybe it’s the fear of them taking away something that is vital to him and his progressing in mainstream setting. I do like to share the progress my kids make even if it is small steps,

But I know that is because I caught hard for this support, the one thing that stopped us getting support in the first place was Jake’s academic scores because he was hitting and surpassing Maths and English. But then he didn’t have such intense anxiety or negative thinking, maybe it truly was the bullying that caused that train of thought, or maybe that is just his autism coming out , really hard to know I guess Thier is know right answer maybe a bit of both.

Niki is Enjoying college she has to have her ear defenders with her, but she has ways of taking herself out when she needs time.

My Aunties are still loving the new care home, and are settling in well.

There latest review is dealing with the more complexities of the Huntington’s and what stage of care they indevidually need, this is a blessing for our family it would be different if it were just the usual care support for us to have helped them at home, but they need medical monitoring and round the clock care so that is the reason they are in a home.

There are many things I am still unable to share about our journey and life but have my hands tied for now, it will all come out in the end when the time is right.

But for now this writing and sharing what I can all raises awareness which is a positive thing.

Jake made a cheese and onion flan today for everyone’s dinner, something he learned on his hospitality course he even are a small sliver no gives from the egg this time so that is a good thing.

He taught Hayley to rise his scooter after him and his dad made sure it was safe, he also made me but some flowers for our table ๐Ÿ˜€

Niki got to see a small plane at college

Any way for now I must go try to get some sleep ๐Ÿ˜€ have a beautiful day

All my love