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Hi all, today`s update.

So i had a catch up with publisher`s and the next round of their marketing begins soon we they bring out their christmas catalogue, which all along i knew this would be when the most work needed to be done because of it being a christmas book.

Blogging and keeping Emo the Emotional Elf out their since it was published in June was very important not only because i want it to sell but because it is all part of raising awareness and helping others along the way grow in confidence and talk speak up about mental health, autism and anxiety.

The book has not only added value to my family life but to my work life to, it has enhanced it by bringing something new to the them. Today was busy as Niki can`t travel on school bus anymore because they say she no longer fits criteria as the 2 days are classed as work experience as she is duel registered, i have to now take her the 30 minutes journey on a Thursday and Friday and pick her up, luckily my husband was around because Jake had his dentist appointment at the same time as i was picking Niki up. I really don`t think they understand how difficult it is 2 have more then one child with extra needs at schools 30 minutes journey apart.Jake was awesome at his appointment, me and my hubby were very proud.

Then tonight i am on a night shift, right now Hayley, Tom, holly and Ellie are sound a sleep. Emo the other elves came with me so did my Elf outfit which they found funny, lots of fun games and tome was hiding amongst the elves, Ellie and holly have now finished reading the book, and i gave them a challenge of typing a review as if they were in school, i even let them use my work laptop, Ellie showed me she could use Microsoft word and she had been learning it at school. Holly is only 7 so hasn`t learnt about book reviews yet so i just asked the questions i.e what was your favorite part? what was your favorite thing ? so her review is different to Ellie`s.

Tom loved the elves especially my elf hat and playing Hiding in the Elves, Jake got some new Sun Glasses from Emo and he looked super cool. So all in all the week is coming to an end on a positive note as far as school goes the only thing that has been difficult is the changes to lunch rule for Jake which meant he wouldn`t eat his lunch, had to send an email as he can`t go all day with no food not good for his health or his concentration levels, or his iron deficiency. Eating for Jake is still a huge issue, I have his annual EHCP coming up so this is something that i will be bringing up.

Here are some pictures from tonight,

Have a beautiful Weekend