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Hi all, hope your doing well today. So having seen the news today and how children are not getting help untill it reaches crisis point is so very upsetting,

I can say as a family when we got to some crisis points we still did not receive help from mental health team.

Infact we got doesn’t fit  criteria for help this happened for years, Niki finally got seen and put and anxiety meds for a about a year and a half upped at every visit they asked lots of questions but really didn’t give any feed back other than I will see you in six months to which when turning up to appointments medicines were upped.

Niki didn’t engage much with them and was just moving around the room.

It wasn’t helpful at all for her and in a way I was glad when she came off the meds by then I started thinking how can I get her to start talking and opening up about the things she felt, so I did the unexpected and met her from the school bus dressed as bat girl, the look on her face and her scream of laughter., I hadn’t heard for so long. Just hit me I definatley didn’t think it would have the impact it did it was Halloween and something just said do it.

Maybe a sign or just a feeling in my gut an instinct to reconnect.

It worked so well that’s where the idea an inspiration struck me we carried on as normal with her engaging more choosing to spend more time with me and her brother and dad.

Then the end of November came and I went to town I saw Emo in a shop and just was struck to carry on the with the

Different style of engagement, then each day the Elf diary started, and the rest as they say is in the book.

A fun, quirky , book that will make you feel emotions hopefully.

But also a book for raising awareness for these very important issues and lack of services. How truly truamatising the experience is for many families desperately seeking help and understanding as to what is happening.

I hope it reaches other families it doesn’t say all of the things that happened to our family at all, that is maybe for another time maybe another book.  This is an extremely child friendly book doesn’t contain treatments or medical, that is why maybe it will stand out In the Crowd of many families writing about there journeys.

I wanted the book to bring back laughter and fun to our lives and throughout add the things my kids loved at the time of writing it.

Hope it is something others will read and understand it isn’t long deep complicated words as I want it to be for all ages and reading levels.

Something parents can use and read if they notice there children are struggling. A reconnection with kids to parents and parents to Thier children.

Many thanks

Have a beautiful night or day 😀💗

Faye xx