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Good morning all, Friday motivation the weekend is almost here, have fun and make it count, the best time to make the most perfect memories. Today I am full of inspirations the spirit of Christmas hitting my heart with   the force a wrecking ball.

That feeling was helped along by magic radio with their magic of Christmas show, the kids got rick rolled getting in the car their faces a picture there was me sitting in the car singing and dancing.

My kids dominate the radio on the journey to school always disagreeing on what channel plays what volume always seems to be the opposite each other. Not today though I was enjoying my channel too much, and despite the grumpy outward appearance on their faces and the mum it`s September and Niki doing a SOS post

to her friends the car was bubbly , the little smiles on their faces they were trying to hold in because they are supposed to be grumpy teens didn`t hide the twitching’s to the corner of their mouths, they even joined in on what they refer to as my old peoples songs, they didn`t live through the excitement of the 70`s or 80`s so really they never lived that freedom of it the music from the soul the heart that got every dancing singing and mostly happy faces when you just let it out without a care in the world. The drive home was me windows down music loud signing at the top of my voice a movement of freedom from life.

Plus they actually just come in and randomly dance when we are playing them at home, little Jake when he hears Tom jones he just can`t sit still, he will be on his computer and then, suddenly appears.

Until I try to dance with him and then his like I don`t think so laughing his head off.

First we have the awesome gruesome Halloween to do these things bring a childlike excitement, they just make me smile I think that is why I chose to write a children’s book, it`s what you see and feel when your around them their eagerness to learn, the simplistic way they view the world, it`s about keeping their innocence and giving heart`s before any of the worlds issues take it away. They have such a long life to live and experience the wonders of the world.

Our situation with diagnosis and the challenges we have faced have stolen five years of their innocence and childhood, I want them to go into adult hood with a better thoughts of life and that although they have these challenges life is something to enjoy and experience.

As they grow older we teach them the lessons of sex education and societies IMG_20180921_111155450 but do we teach them to love with simplicity, how to grow and develop their own healthy relationships. Meaningful understand of Partner’s needs, and their own in a relationship.

When Niki started dating her Tom right at the beginning of me writing this book, something she mentioned in the car this morning funny enough.

Being able to capture the first moment`s for them something that they will have for ever, was so endearing and sweet. My daughter is growing into this beautiful young woman who is learning what relationships are meant to be they both are beginning to be Intune with each other’s needs.

She is learning to like things he likes and vice versa, she is a little like me romantic at heart and collects things from places they go little photo`s along the way, she has a box I have books of love letters written, photos and music.

Jake is thirteen so relationships are just yucky to him at the moment goodness help us when that changes, he is my son and I want him to learn the same as I do my daughter what is meaningful and how to treat his future with equal respect and to nurture his future relationship. I want them both to grow up knowing that it is not just up to a man to provide and be the strong one, and it`s not just up to a woman to keep home. To have real value real connection, both should equally nature and respect that. I most defiantly want them to understand their own needs mentally physically and emotionally.

Today is going to be great my kids were happy and smiling going into school what more can I ask than that. I sit here writing with a sense of peace I haven`t felt for a long time. This feeling started the other day when I went to my first carers meeting and their I realised it isn`t for me, I am OK doing this on my own with my husband and children, I am strong capable, and using my writing to help keep my mind in this great place.

Emo the emotional Elf is a great book I know, I know the impact it has had on all my family, it is for everyone but also for parent`s who`s kids are nearing the stage when they are not seeing Christmas the way they did when they were younger, it is maybe when us parents also feel that sense of lost, that they are becoming independent and figuring things out themselves,

The part of life for 10 till adulthood where parent have to let their kids make mistakes in order for them to be able to cope as they grow into adulthood, like walking on eggshells and negotiating and the teen hormones and sleepless they go through, until its time to get up and go to school and their suddenly too tired to move.

Now I know there are probably many parents that can relate to some of this stuff, times those feelings by a hundred and maybe you will understand what it is like for an autistic person or someone with anxiety or depression, or disabilities.

You get judged harshly for something you can`t help.

Emo the Emotional Elf is here to change and make a little dent in raising awareness but in a fun kind or nurtured loving way,

To help bring up things your kids may hold inside, and try to deal with on their own feeling they have to, something to break down the barrios that go up between parents and kids when we get to this step in life

Have an awesome day today

Faye xxx