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Hi all how has your day been? Ours has been full of good things today.

College or Niki was great she has been learning about osteoporosis and chronic heart issues. We really love that she shares her work with us,

Jake`s has enjoyed all his lessons today, he attended them all. Me I have been cooking up a Greek Pastitsio for my hubby with the help of Emo the Emotional Elf. Emo he held the cook book, put a peg on his nose during the frying of the garlic and onion he has a heightened sense of smell and it can cause a sensory overload. I love to bring a little Greek flare to the kitchen.

Emo could not wait to taste it but I made him wait as it was too hot, always safety in the kitchen, the planning and precision it takes to make it just right, to go with it a healthy salad. Emo loved taking selfie`s with me today. It took the best part of the morning to make but I really enjoyed just forgetting about everything and just cook, besides taking the rubbish to the tip yesterday has left my shoulders sore. I guess any excuse to avoid my ever growing ironing pile. So sure most of the clothes I collect have been looked at and just mixed in with the dirty washing.

This is daily life as a mum, something I thing a lot of parents feel I know my parents probably did, the joy of teenage years I remember it like yesterday trying something on and changing my mind multiple times before settling on the first thing I picked out, the big difference is I earn`​t my pocket money by doing the ironing, when I was a kid took a months’ worth to get me the prized Adam Ant album. It is still a work in progress to get my children to tidy their rooms here. They get over whelmed and don`t know where to start.

The other thing was Jake​s physio appointment had Jake me and the physio laughing, he is having trouble with the pelvic tilt exercises, we are trying to work hard on his physio. He managed to get the tilt right but watching him try to walk with in  this position is comedy gold. His legs look so stiff he could not bend his knees. It most definitely reminded me of when our Josh had to learn to skip for the mayday celebration, the teachers other student`s and us parents tried for ages but he just straight leg skipped. These are things to look back at fondly little challenges that make you smile and laugh together.

The meal was just so nice, warm and cosy, it is just what you need on a cold windy day feel good food.

Today I asked the publishers for some feedback but unfortunately they are unavailable till end September,so I am just going to have to be patient for that. I was reading a news article the other day the Victoria Beckham one with the family in the ok photo shoot, as I scrolled down right under it was an advert with our Emo the Emotional Elf book what a surprise that was for me and Jake, big smiles spread on our faces, I had to screen shot it because I wanted to share it with my hubby Niki and this blog.

My little niece Chloe messaged me and said she can`t wait to read it and is so excited. I really can`t wait to see her and little Sophia and their mum again, and meet my new niece Ruby who is only weeks old, I would just like this cough to go first.

Tomorrow I have my first carer`s get together at the doctors with hopefully my flu shot if that is even possible with having a cold. Defiantly want it done so I don`t pass any flu to those I care for.

That’s all for today I really hope your day has been good if it wasn`t I truly hope tomorrow is fresh and new.

always Faye xx