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Please be aware this Is a sensitive posts about metal health. But an important one to me as well as normal update

Hi all, how are you all doing today? So my hubby spoke to me yesterday about me needing to re-edit and check all my work because he said it was full of mistakes, He was right having gone through it I saw how bad some of my posts were and the amount of mistakes in them.

I guess using my phone and writing updates late at night, I am making silly mistakes. Really not what I want considering I want people to take my book seriously and purchase it. Kind of tough hearing it from someone you really love. But you know it comes from their heart and they want you to show your best.

Now while I can`t promise my post will always be without mistakes I can say I take being an author serious, I truly have found an inner peace being able to write about our days, whether they are challenging or awesome. My family means more than I can express with words alone that’s why I love to add the photo`s it is how I see my family. Through a pure heart filled with love.

While the diagnosis or needs haven`t changed how we react to them have vastly changed, I still get emotional, if I feel my children are not shown the understanding and respect they deserve, I still prefer writing to speaking although I will very soon do a video upload because I want overcome that awkwardness.

Niki and Jake have had good days today. Niki has been learning at college about good carers and not so good carers, which is important if she is going to work with children with or without disabilities. Jake has enjoyed all his lessons today.

The book is available to purchase, please remember that not everything I talk about in this blog is mentioned in the book as it is child friendly and written with children`s different age groups and learning levels considered.  it is up to each parent or adult that buys it to know what there child understands, and it is a book to read together or alone if the parent feels they are able too. It has a beautiful funny christmas story for all and some awareness and dedications at the beginning and end of the book.

This could be a triggering part so please be aware if you are sensitive to talking about suicide, because it is important to me to be open with my children on these subjects because they do have anxiety and suffer with feelings of depression.

The first time this topic came up was not long after Jake came home from school he was told by others he talks to that one of their friends had committed suicide and died Jake came and spoke to me straight away this is hard for him to be so open but it is something that I feel is important for him to feel free to come to me with anything he is doing online, or talk about friendships.

The second time was when he walked up the shops with his dad and they saw a man lying on the grass and a lady sitting next to him trying to help, she said he had taken an aspirin od and alcohol., she had called an ambulance who told her they would be to hours.

Luckily   a junior doctor was passing and stopped to help, I just can`t understand how it can take 2 hours to attend surly getting them help and mental health support as quick as possible is in fact something that can save their life, is their life worth so little I mean they did it themselves but why ? lack of support, or not feeling worth it these things really do make me think so much about bringing mental health talk out in the open even if it is uncomfortable. Even if I get only one view it doesn`t matter one may make a difference to someone who suffers alone.

Another thing I have heard said a lot by those that are actually autistic is that people think they are faking it for attention or for likes or views I know Niki certainly gets that said to her often.

Raising awareness for invisible disabilities and mental health will improve the quality of life for many it may not get rid of people’s ignorance on these subjects but it is their not to be hidden away like a dirty secret.

Maybe this post is a little deep but I believe in everything I say or I wouldn`t say it.

I would like to leave the post on a more positive note so hopefully there is a vast improvement on my spelling and punctuation tonight I have taken my husband`s advice and gone back to writing in word so it can help me a little before I post.

That’s how our day has been i have enjoyed being home relaxing with my husband, and I really appreciate his honesty on my mistakes.

Much love

Faye xxx