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Hi all, another school week has pasted not without small blips along the way, but a new routine beginning for us all. I must say it`s all pretty exhausting sometimes. My hubby has been fantastic as usual, he has been making me food and insuring i  dont forget to eat, with all the new rushing around to be done i truly think it drives him bonkers sometimes, i try to break it up with my unique goofiness that cracks a smile on his face, and what a smile that is, it makes my heart beat faster.

So diagnosis continues with another added for Niki  and right now as her mum i am trying to keep it all in, she is a star and handled it so well we are just waiting to now see a specialist to get more details. I really hate that my kids have to go through what they do and it is something i cant take away or change, i wish i could take it away and have it myself ,so they don`t have to go through it but i can`t , all i can do is control my reactions to it and be a tower of strength for them, that is always a work in process though, right now my brain is spinning with information, it is sinking in.

Today i am on a night shift the kiddos are fast asleep, and my children are at home with their dad, i hate to leave them especially niki tonight but work is work and to be able to continue to meet their needs it is something i must do, it really helps that i love my work a lot at times like this.

Jake used his old safe space at school today, he was a bit confused over homework and ended up with a thirty minute detention but i had to speak to his teacher as it isn`t possible for me to be in 2 places at once and as niki now is not entitled to transport to get her to the two days so i asked for him to bring it home and he could bring it back the next day. i really don`t want for him to start this term on a negative. As the implications going forward can bring back refusal to go into class, he did come home and complete the homework and hand it in today, he still has to do 30 minute detention in his lunch hour on Monday though.How can i get the school to understand his organisational skills are still developing, one of his challenges, his faces when he got his little face when we got the targets for the year and on the top of the page it said 100% attendance. because the truth is that is the first time in years to see that, for Jake 100% isn`t always achievable so seeing that even if it is only temporary is a As a carer i also have to sort paying bills for Hayley and getting money out of her account to help with that, we had issues with the card today first time in 12 years of working with her, still hopefully that is sorted by the time i have to sort the next lot.

As you can see i blog what it is like for families on the spectrum and other issues, because speaking raises awareness speaking helps us as a family, so maybe it will encourage more people to share their journeys, the really journeys not edited ones because when you share you raise awareness, you learn from others and they learn from you.On wards and upwards we will continue learning the kids needs as we go along a mixture of facts given and finding facts out for ourselves will continue helping to teach my children, to understand themselves and what they can do to learn about their needs educational, physical mental health and emotions.

Emo the Emotional Elf is my go to thing to help me to continue to bring good memories and happier feelings especially for the kids . i am truly sorry if my topic switches at fast paces but this is how my mind works and processes it all. so many different things to think about and do, so many needs to be met. As the saying goes their is never a dull moment in our home.

Many thanks

Faye xx

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