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Hi all hope your week is going well,

Been kind of crazy here getting the routines of school going again, Jake has had a settled couple of days, we have tutor parent meeting tomorrow.

So a kind of what to expect over the next term, have yet to meet or have any contact from Jake’s new key worker yet, so although Jake has settled well this is something I want to make sure communication is good from the start definatley something I will be asking tomorrow.

Niki has settled at college and has made a lovely new friend, she came for dinner tonight which was so nice for Niki .

I guess the settling in will really begin next week when all her lessons start she is going to be taking her GCSE maths this year as well as doing her child development and health and social skills. She has been doing her home work and today for the first time in a long time showed us the work she has been doing.

I am still working with Hayley, Tom ,holly and Ellie in fact I have the pleasure of Thier company over night on Friday, I have so much fun stuff planned.

I have been working on my author pages on Amazon and have now set them up on UK, America, France, Germany and Japan.

I want to show that I am very committed to my book and work .and family,

I have not only been working on my own families Emotions but those I work with too.

I see caring as the whole package that in order to be healthy and have a great life you need three basic things physical, mental and emotional health.

Having difficulties in any of them can hinder the quality of life we live.

How we learn, work ,play, thrive. I continue to put in the dedication it takes to become a better author, and getting my book out there for people to get a copy, it will probably get more busy as the month goes on as far as publishing Emo the Emotional Elf, trying to come up with some more catchy inventive ways to bring attention to it.

I had a bit of a forgetful moment today and missed a physio appointment for Jake luckily she was very understanding and re-booked for next week not something that was done on purpose when you are managing so many different things it occasionally happens.

Tomorrow and Friday Niki is at the old college this is where she will do both work experience but also get support with any work and continuing pastoral support while she continues her transition. This has brought up one issue that is transport she has been traveling on transport with support there which was costing us over £450 a year and had support workers on there. They won’t supply it any more told me not to bother applying, the worst thing about it is that although Niki is settling in at the new place it doesn’t change her autism, anxiety tourettes they don’t just suddenly disappeared because she is 18.

Yes her anxiety at the moment s a little more under control, yes she has learned the route home from the local college and can get herself home. But a thirty to forty minutes journey on her own right now is not OK with me.so I now have to get Jake to his school then drive Niki to hers. It is an added issue because I have 2 children both with different needs both with autism and anxiety it is always a worry I will be to far away from either of them when the anxiety kicks in. At that point to stop it escalating they speak to me. We talk it through and they can manage to stay at school.

Have a beautiful night

Love Faye xx