Emo the Emotional Elf update, #author #kids #book #parentsread #grandparents #elves #emotions #autism #anxiety #mentalhealthsupport #teachers #education #selfhelpbooksforkids #christmasbook

Emo the Emotional Elf has a new friend, both are elves both are very different. Friendships take time to build, Emo has to get to know Danny a little better before he tells more about him.
Emo needs a good wash he is a very much Loved Elf, and a very mischievous character.
He has a whole book about his daily mischievous antics,he is here to create a little smile, to raise awareness and to face challenges with us, his jigsaw puzzle outfit is the most predominant thing that highlights autism awareness and is easily recognisable for children. Our jigsaw is not because there are prices missing but they disappear every time Emo and the children face something that’s causes them anxiety. #EmotheEmotionalElf is available to by online either direct from publishers #Melrosebooks or many other big sellers across the world like #Amazon #fishpond #barnesandnoble #opentrolly and many more see if it is available In your own country. Would love to know of new places it pops up.
If you do get a copy be sure to leave a review where you got it from or message a photo of you with the book.
Would love to see that. Photos show a person’s feeling that is something you can tell from the photos selected to be in this book. If you would like a more personalised copy for your self or a gift for your kids or grand kids please inbox me happy to do that also although I have very limited amount left after donation some and making sure. The children in our family receive there own copy’s.
#author #kids #book #parentsread #grandparents #elves #emotions #autism
#anxiety #mentalhealthawareness
#teachers #education #selfhelpbooksforkids #christmasbook


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