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Hi everyone, hope your weekend has gone well, ours has been awesome, yesterday was the summer Street party which has been running for years now, but was the last one yesterday, it was great to see all the children playing and joining in.

My daughter wanted her dad to join her in the egg and spoon race and she beat him over the finishing line,

Jake ever the bouncy child one the space hopper race for the fifth year running, and for once noone can tell him his bouncing is wrong. His inability to sit still comes In Handy sometimes.

The raffle to raise money always goes down well and the prizes were so great, all the kids were sitting quietly as soon as they came out tickets in hand ready for there numbers to be called.

She did a fantastic job setting it all up again even after some things changed at short notice, like the date due to weather and things that had to be changed like disco and bouncy castle. But it all came together in the end.

There was one prize that had to be withdrawn from the raffle and was auctioned in the end because the kids all wanted it. One giant fluffy stuffed dog it actually got sixty pound in the end which was awsome to go towards funds raised for at Catherine’s .

I was so glad to donate a book and buy raffle tickets for children, Jake one first from our table and he choose the Elf no surprises there we all spotted it as soon as it was put out.

One of our neighbours picked out Emo book, and they finished reading it today, she said I should be so proud and I truly am.

Niki did have a moment of upset when she one and realised all the dolls had gone so she kind of went in doors she was upset by her own reaction and didn’t want to come outside again but that was ok, you know sometimes these feelings overwhelme her and she takes herself out of situations , that is something we have been helping both her and Jake with when the feelings are intense so take yourself to a quite spot. It never helps to talk with them at these moments we wait untill they have Thier feelings under control, that is just part of anxiety’s. And it’s ok to feel how they feel.

Hayley made us kind of laugh even though she had no money she decided to bid £40 for the big fluffy dog not something she normally does so caught us all by surprise. Thankfully so done bid higher. Trying to explain to Hayley you need money to bid seemed to stop her bidding again.

When donating the book I thought I could do it quitely and just hide in the back ground, but my husband he got up and spoke briefly about the book and reasons for writing it I was so proud seeing him standing there.

He was a DJ when I very first met h it reminded me of the first time I saw him, all outspoken and confident. But it was his talking about our journey eyes and the book that truly touched my heart, he has been taking a back seat and letting me find my own feet, but silently given me little pushes In the direction right from the very start when it was first a daily Elf diary.

He also got me out of my chair talking face to face with our lovely neighbours. You know I always want to but. Nerves sometimes kick in he said are you always going to be scared or bite the bullet get up and do it.

I do like to prove to him I can, there is a slight part of me that does it just so I because he thinks I wont he knows me to well sometimes, something  I don’t always like. Talking always comes so easy with him I have trouble shutting up.

Dad enjoyed the day and the kids loved having Their granddad come join us.

We also had someone else buy the book so surreal when they asked for it to be signed and the one who one it in the raffle too, the little boy over I. The corner house who already is in the middle of reading his copy of the the book had hold of it and was waving it In the air and pointing to the photos and then to our table, it was easy to go up to him and ask if he liked it ,he said” he did”.

Normally my in-laws come too, we always enjoy spending time with our brother Tony and my hubby’s parents.

But we had the birth of our beautiful Great niece Ruby, she was a present for her big brother Thomas who was also 13 so this year they were needed there.I am so happy for our niece and her husband and children. As of late it has been a difficult year and they have lost some important people to them. The pictures show they are already in love with Their beautiful new daughter.

Today has been a calm quite day I went shopping for Niki’s and Jake’s shoes something that is no easy to do with the. With me as they are just so lucky , Jake especially has issues with shoes and his feet and only has certain kinds ones with grippers, as he finds them easiest and most comfortable with kids who have sensory issues that is an important thing. Next year might not be so easy though as they are harder to get over a certain size and he is now and adult size 9.

Niki’s were easy she has more converse black ones.i would always say it is best to have kids with you as it may save you a journey to change them if they don’t fit. But it turned out well as they fit.

Niki is all sorted for starting her new college tomorrow think she has a lot of worries that other already hate her, but I hope she at least try’s to take them on face value, and given them a chance. School friendships have not been easy for Niki because of others actions sometimes she misunderstands them and sometimes she understands very well now they see her, and act towards her no matter how hard you tell them it’s OK it is a new start, that deep seated fear of rejection and exclusion cannot be fully wipe from a memory.

This is something she really wants and tomorrow someone is meeting us there I will leave when she meets them. First day and be hard when you have got used to a school and they got used to you.

Long post tonight and a bit detailed but I like to write these things out as it helps me to be relaxed.😀💗 Have a beautiful new week ahead whether it is dealing with new work projects, school runs, or writing , you got this 😀💗

Some pictures from yesterday

All my love Faye