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Hi all i have added some more photos to my media on this site , check out visually as well as the written words, i like to give both options.  So it has been a busy couple of weeks and slowly we are getting through the necessary jobs and catching up on the stuff needed to do to get ready for school return. It has been a joy to spend it with the children and their guests.

My husband has been a very big help with sorting the car and doing the work we needed to do and we have passed the mot, so no worrying for me on how to get the kids to school, it was great spending time watching hubby do that and passing tools i do think i was a little annoying sometimes asking questions all the time and stating obvious things he already new.

I sorted his man shed out so he could just pick up his tools and get straight to work, i kind of sorted his tools out as well, his little huffs suggest maybe thats something i should leave to him in the future.

Niki has sorted her stuff ready for beginning her collage course, i have sorted most of Jake`s new school clothes and Monday will drive the 45 minutes to the uniform shop to get his new blazer ,that is one thing he will have to try before we by made the mistake of ordering online before and i ended up having to drive to shop anyway.

I can`t believe just how much uniforms are  how some families manage, i dont know i am lucky now Jake is the only one that has to where uniform when all three were at school it took nearly a months wages to get all there stuff.

Jake as you are probably aware was a star, on his blood test the other day, results are in and thank fully it is just an iron deficiency which they have now given him some folic acid for, one day i hope his eating will suddenly change, his thinking about it a lot and i see tiny changes to his mindset as regards to foods, maybe it is a challenge that will have to come from him to really be effective.

Work tonight is awesome as usual, holly`s was 7 yesterday so i did a little treat for her, we got her a fairy doll to make her name is Lula bell. Holly loved receiving letters from her last summer and just like she has her own Emo the Emotional Elf she now has her own fairy too.

I must really get back to work on marketing the book, as soon as the kids return to school, i am thinking about popping into the local library and speaking to them about it, maybe also handing out some of the leaflets and book marks we have left there are many options whirling in my mind at the moment about how i can further raise my book into the public`s eye.

AS it is a christmas book primarily, I think by the end of September i should have a plan of action ready to establish as many sales before christmas as possible, even possibly getting a lot more reviews in before the christmas rush.

when writing the book we welcomed a new baby Great Niece at christmas time and found out another baby was due, it turned out to be a handsome Great Nephew.as i write this we have another great Niece who was due yesterday and we are awaiting her safe journey into this world, and for it to be easy on her mama. New births are so exciting, waiting to see their little face, to feel their tiny hands and feet in the palm of your hands, to stoke their little heads.

The police have now put out a appeal for the assault and robbery of my uncle who has  Huntington’s i so hope they catch them, it isn`t about the money they took although that does matter to my uncle, it is about the thought that this could impact his ability to go out independently, without fear of being hurt, it dented hid confidence. We really want him to be able to have his dignity and Independence for as long as he can, and when the time comes when he needs specialist support.

By sharing maybe you can see now why i think working on how children are taught to understand those that are different or those who have mental or physical disabilities,  visable or not, maybe they will learn to include and not be so unkind, maybe if they have fears of those that have disabilities, because of what they have grown up learning in society,

Any way it is late here now , So i will say good night, tomorrow we are looking forward to the summer street party, its the last one this year, the lady who organises it every year and also does it to raise money for our local st Catherine’s hospice. has raise so much from all this she is a remarkable woman, i am glad to call her a neighbour and friend.

love always Faye xxx