Emo the Emotional Elf Update.#author #christmas #elves #emotions #autism #anxiety #mentalhealth

Hi all Today’s update.

We are just finishing up the summer holidays, here we have had some challenges, hello’s and goodbyes, hospitals, dentists and holidays one thing remains to same we take the good with the difficult we always try to bring the positives we face to show a different perspective on what is normally put out there about autism anxiety and mental health.

We faced it together with plenty of laughter, smiles and even some tears,

But it has been amazing for us all, moods kind of predict how we see things this is why I like to do little video’s for a more positive outlook.

My house is like many others through holidays a little lived in and family ravished but I am sure on return to school routine I will slowly have it how I want it again.

Still one week of rushing around getting uniforms school shoes, blood tests and car mot.

This is our kind of crazy life,

Exam results for Niki are in and she passed, Jake continues to grade in kungfu and is now brown/blue with black stripe.

I just got my first royalty form showing how it all works and what to expect it to show and how in future I would like the royalties from Emo the Emotional Elf payed.

We are continuing on working o. Health and wellness as a family, we are hoping for a break through with Jake and his eating, we are just letting it happen naturally that way and changes he makes will last.

He has his blood test too face soon so,

He is determined to get this done, he has a point to prove to himself that he can infact do it.

The one constant in all of this whether at work or play EMO is always there to help the communication continue, to bring a little fun, and miscivous antics along the way, something to hold when things give us anxiety, something to hug and make us laugh.

Hope you all have the most beautiful week, ahead.

Love to you all

Faye XXX

Enjoy the I site into our summer school holiday.