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Hi all what a weekend this has been family reunions, my Niki away for the week with her boyfriend and his family, so super excited to have Niki home tomorrow and her Tom to stay with us.

Jake has really missed his big sister a lot he keeps asking if she is OK and saying how much he misses her.

They have Their ups and downs with each other both being an annoying sibling sometimes but that is part of life and growing up. They always have each others back and always want to know each other is OK when their not together.

Got a first review on one of the places selling the book. Which was an AWESOME surprise and one that will forever be etched in my heart.

So Thanks Niko, it is very much appreciated and loved and means more than you will ever know ❤️

Jake has been invited to visit his Nanny’s house for a long weekend and is super excited about it. Nan has plans and places to show him.

This week me and Jake have been using this colour by number app on my phone taking it in turns to complete them a little on the addictive side though we love puzzles but have to complete it in one go or it drives us crazy.

My dad is going to come with me for a drive to Pick Niki up a bit of company and a shared journey gets him out for a while as well, Jake will be avidly waiting for his sister’s return.

Jake’s sleep pattern has been all over the place lately tonight he wanted his sleep medicines which we haven’t used for a while maybe a few days just to get a bit of sleep will help.

He is still doing his excersize’s the physio set for him. So hopefully when we go back in a month there will be a marked improvement especially his back and legs.

The letter from the physio for blood tests should arrive at the doctor’s soon so that challenge can be faced and if he is infact vitamin d deficient we can deal with it quickly.

Niki has been on her treatment for that and her folic acid treatment for nearly two months now she is due a blood test again when she gets back to see if that has improved.

So it is always all go in our house, work is great as well. Life is pretty relaxed at the moment a couple more weeks till I have to start getting ready for returns to school.

The thing I want most now is to just carry on the way things are moving one day at a time over coming challenges with the kids not for them but by Their side, and even if them challenges don’t happen one day we try again the next and the next. We always get Their in the end even if it takes a few twists and turns or ups and downs.

It’s good to just write and say what you feel at the time it certainly helps me a lot.

We watched the movie Ready player one was kind of awesome we all enjoyed it a lot we enjoyed wrestling for the Pringle pot and the best part of the couch you know the bit that dips down where we all fight to sit as it is perfectly sculptured to how we want it. Their was no phones just us and a great movie.

Such a fantastic way to be on a weekend, before busy scheduled seemed to see our weekend over taken with catching up with chores we were to busy to do in the week, now we try to do a bit each day so weekends we can relax more.

We have been watching some comedians, listening to music reading just generally so much more chilled .

Any way that’s all for today I have to travel tomorrow so should just try to sleep hopefully it will happen quickly now I have cleared my brain for the night.❤️

All my best wishes to the other bloggers

Authors, friends and family,and connections

Faye xx