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Hi all hope your day has treated you well, mine started with a face time call from Niki she was waiting for the toy shop to open, this is the first time she has been away and not been in constant contact, connectivity is not great where she is staying. kind of a weird feeling but she is coping well with that, she is having a wonderful time. i am so pleased for her. Tom and his family have accepted her for who she is which is something i love a lot. to us Tom is just a part of our family he makes Niki so happy.

Jake and me went out today and braved the heat, we had fun, got to choose some new books for Jake as well he is reading Tokyo ghoul so we got number 10 and 11 today.We also got the fourth Dark mouth. This series of books is what change him from fact books to reading  it gave him something he could do if his anxiety was bad and he needed space or if he had trouble sleeping. he really enjoys Reading. some books he reads to himself and some we read together, one i perpetually enjoyed was Radio Boy that one i could barely stop laughing enough to read it out loud.

I got a little into that one my hubby had to tell me to slow down, i just wanted to get to the next funny part.

My brothers a superhero , and the ones after that were fantastic too, when choosing books for Jake when he is not with me , i always like to read the back, and obviously the title and how the book cover looks,

I am still waiting for the first reviews of my book to go up I guess it is always a tense wait for new authors, until then it is just a matter of keep doing my little blogs to keep my book out there, the weather here has been very stifling, dont get me wrong i really love the sun and it is great for  it to be sunny especially in England in the summer, but it is a really humid sticky heat.

Jake`s  has his physio Tomorrow his posture has improved all ready he is realy working hard on doing the excersizes every day,  his back has been a bit painful but he is persevering with it. He is growing so very tall so quickly now,

my mind has just suddenly gone blank so i will say good night for now

have a beautiful day or night which ever it may be for you




4 thoughts on “Emo the Emotional Elf update, #author #christmas #elves #emotions #autism #anxiety #mentalhealth #EmotheEmotionalElf

  1. Barbara Franken says:

    Lovely to meet you here, thanks for following my blog. Isn’t it awesome publishing your book… and excited about creating the next one… here’s to a fruitful journey together x love barbara x

    • fayekerryfarmer says:

      Hi Barbara a pleasure too meet you too yes exciting times for the book it’s a pleasure too meet and follow others sometimes .makes you feel a part of a bigger picture outside the Walls of your own little life 😀have a beautiful day

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