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IMG_20180806_132224190Hi all hope your week has started off well, It has been very relaxing here but quite without our Niki, miss her little noises and musical`s and texts can you bring me some milk, (mum, mum,mummy, mother) or the drops of her phone on the floor.

even the times she calls because she has got stuck somewhere all these little things that make up her personality, they are just so her.

I found selfies of her on my phone, a reminder of her beautiful little smile and pictures with the obligatory tongue sticking out or peace finger signs.

After she left, i spent a little time setting up my author page on amazon ready for people to leave reviews i am quite eager to interact with people this way am open to any reviews they all matter, even ones from family,

Here is the link if you want to check it out


hope that link works let me know if it doesn’t still a bit of a newbie on tech but i am slowly teaching myself and figuring it out while i go.

Jake has a few hospital appointments this week physio and heart specialist, pretty sure by the end of the week we will have obtained the blood test form as well, fingers crossed for that, he is still at the moment willing to try a blood test.

They haven`t been successful before other then sitting in a chair, this is anxiety for you , you never know when it is going to come, and although i do believe it is important Jake has this blood test like the physio said because his legs are showing signs of vitamin d deficiency, i will never force him as that will just exasperate the fear of blood test, we are working on him making the decision for himself, so he feels in control of his anxiety and what happens to his body.  I mean he is still a child but he is also a teenager that will one day make these decisions for himself the only time i will have to go against that is if it is an emergency or he is at risk. we had that before and a little gas and air was used before it was so much less stress full for him in that emergency situation.

Yesterday was spent listening to music with my hubby Jake was doing his own thing popping in every once in a while when a good tune came on dancing or just to give us random hugs. we all just spent time together in the evening watching more super hero movies, i so love these small simple things in life.

I love the way my hubby`s eyes light up when he talks about his DJ days, the corner the cheeky grin when he gets really into the story or the song, the way he uses his hands to demonstrate how he used the mixers and records, his hand moving to and throw like a metronome. or the way he really gets in to the beat and shimmies his shoulders, shakes his hips. He even spins sometimes. we played so many different genres, and yes their was even some spice girls, Micheal Jackson, Luther Vandross and Madonna, amongst many more. some real soul and reggae Bob Marley (one love) such a great song. i prefer this music not keen on the clubby music that makes you feel like your being hit on the head to the beat, all though my hubby likes keeping up with the current music trends.

My hubby over the years got to work with many artists, from Ray Lewis, from the drifters, he actually lent my dad a pair of shoes to get into a night club they were going to once.  and always talked to us after he did a show where my hubby worked as a DJ a very down to earth person always with a smile. and many other famous artists.

You just cant beat old style mixing with records, his party sets were legendary. i met him threw one of his nights, and i was hooked the minute I laid eyes on him been that way ever since.

Josh my oldest i love our chats we talk about many things health and fitness health medical stuff it is something that flows easy,  but it is the ability to talk and debate many subjects with Josh that keeps our brains sharp he is an awesome young man he is so intelligent funny he makes us laugh so very much.

That`s my update for today. The book is progressing every day, a bit like our family good things take awhile and a lot of love and nurture to become great things, slow and steady wins the race.

have a beautiful day

much love Faye