Emo the Emotional Elf update. #author #christmas #elves #emotions #autism #anxiety #mentalhealth

Hi all what a beautiful day today has been, today started early for me any way woke up at 6.30 the kids and hubby still asleep, had to catch up on the house work as we had guests coming.

Got what I had to do done before Niki woke at 8.30 we had to make a quick dash to town to see if we could sort her glasses before she went on holiday.

Not much joy in getting them fixed plus because she has turned 18 now and her eyesight hasnt change much the first optians couldn’t do new frames on her NHS voucher. They wanted £110 just for frames which to pull out of know where is kind of hard. So we went to the new optians who done her eye test and managed to get her new ones made up.

They just won’t be ready for two weeks, so fingers crossed they last till she is back without them she can’t see.

Niki had her boyfriend and his parents and brother come over from Holland for camping trip which she got to go spend ten days with them before her and Tom come back here for a week.

She was so excited waiting for him at the gate she jumped into his arms when he got here.

We put on a barbaque and ate outside under the gazzeboo, and just chatted for a while it was such a beautiful chance to get to spend time with Tom’s family as he has become so very much apart of ours .

Jake even joined us at the table, which he can’t always do but wanted to impress them too he looked so smart he wanted to make a good impression as he knows Tom is important to his sister.

My hubby Niki cooked the meat while I did potatoes and salade.

After saying goodbye to them we just relaxed the three of us, Nik had a nap as he still has a nasty cold Jake was talking to his Minecraft friends, while I got down to some work making an authors page on Amazon, these little things my hubby tells me about that I would never of thought of myself being a new author really helps. Sometimes I wait a while before doing what he thinks will be good, because I can be a stubborn person who needs time to digest and process facts before I actually take his advise, I always seem to get to a point where I want to withdraw back inside I guess that is a self preservation thing.

Now I have done it I love it, I just hope tommorrow when I look at it again  tommorrow I hope there is not much  editing to do.

My hands just type from the heart, my eyes don’t always see,.

This evening we have all just been relaxing watching super hero movies. First time I have seen a big green Hulk bottom 😂😂 the kid in me found it funny.

I think in our house we have seen all super hero movies multiple time they never grow old.

For me watching a movie and reading a book is enjoyable first time round, bit when you watch and read again you pic up things you missed the first time round.o drive my family nuts asking questions through films I always want to know the ending first some times I do that with books too not so much any more but before I did.

When I read a book I can never put it down when it is finished.

I guess that is all for today a very calm relaxed day for us all.

Not long heard from Niki she is having an awesome time so far. I guess the house is very quite without her popping in the room to do musically’s or dropping something on her floor, or even her snack dashes.

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend 😀💖

Much love Faye