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Hi all Emo is staring to arrive with people now , so waiting for some feed back.

When you write a book like this book and it is real life very personal story,

About a families journey and to raise awareness plus it has special dedications to those we love.

It is like opening your raw self up, not really a very easy thing to do so publicly, but for me I have seen and experienced that by doing that it helps us relate to others journeys through life. It helps others share not only with us but too others, it makes it worth so much more.

I know deep inside there are fiction books inside me but non fiction was the way I wanted to enter the world as an author.

I am realising just how theraputic writting is for me, it helps channel some intense emotions, as soon as I write something whether a big post tweet or even linkedin post. It just brings a sense of calm.

Today I am feeling a little nostalgic Niki keeps talking about marrying her Tom. I found where I put my wedding dress and washed it. Mum’s kind of want to pass these things a long but I want Niki when it is time to choose one that’s right for her.

Plus I was about Niki’s age when I choose my dress, I think I have tried it on about three times since I got it and it still fits like it was made for me not bad after 24 years.

I used to write a lot of soppy letters too my hubby when we first met , I still have every single one even the ones telling him we were expecting.

I guess I. A little bit of a hoarder of memories, I spent about a month last year putting them In order with photo’s almost like a story time line of our marriage.

I guess my soul attached to his that very first day and it still feels the same.

Other than that it has been a very quite day here Jake c.e back from his nans Niki is excited because her Tom is in England getting the camp set up with his parents before Niki goes to join them.

Niki came and sat with me for a while this evening I guess I can be a bit annoying as every time she tried to take a selfie I face bombed it 😀she was like “Muummm” but she laughed so wasn’t to upset.

My hubby now has gone down with the nasty man flu as Jake likes to call it. I have been making sure he has fluids rest and company.

I am a bit of a fuss pot, I guess that is the carer in me.

That’s the part of me that doesn’t shut down or take a break.

Got to speak to my oldest son Josh again tonight always love our little chats his voice bring joy to me and his dad.

I love just sitting and listening to him and his dad chat, on so many topics, infact it’s one of the things I like the most.

That and my hubby telling me stories from when he was a DJ: and playing songs whole story telling , it kind ofakes me chuckle a little when he just gets to the gold part presses play on the song and instead of music out pops a really over loud commercial you have to wait like ten seconds till it stops before the song plays, his little huff of frustration that it interrupted him.

My aunty revieved her copy of the book today she even sent a picture of it, that’s what I like to see visuals itales it feel real, that’s why I wanted photo’s as apposed to illustrations the book has a little of both through out .

Any way that’s my update for today

If anyone gets my book please be kind a leave. Little note or review it can mean all the difference to gettimg the book out there at the same time raising awareness for many things

All my love Faye