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Hi all.  Emo the Emotional Elf`s Digital footprint is getting bigger by the day, dont forget to grab a copy and leave a review all new authors need that support to start with.

It  has been a busy couple of days, the weather here in south of England has been the hottest in such along time here. we haven`t felt the affects of the holidays yet as we have been hiding indoors with multiple fans going. let me tell you sitting on a leather coated chair in shorts in hot weather is just not a very good idea it burns if you stand up quick.

The kids have been having sleep ins guess my body clock still has to change as the last couple of days it is still in school mode, i sit quietly having my morning coffee and check my emails, while in the back ground on the TV is either some kids program or some over zealous advert selling a product where they get that enthusiasm i dont know, i am still trying to muster up enough courage to do my first video update.

I have though about what i would say and it sounds great in my head, but actually saying it out loud i get all tong tied and muddled with my words then i get truly frustrated at myself and give up. i will get there soon after all i have over come a lot to get to this point.

I am more able to talk to many people through writing now, which for me is an amazing success, i think it is a matter of being able to show the same person i am when i am writing   displaying it with coming across as wooden and awkward as that isn`t who i am any more.

As well as being an incredibly hard worker, mum and somewhat annoying wife, i have a wicked sense of humor , somethings maybe i shouldn`t laugh at but sometimes thats just full on nervous energy. i am quite a clumsy at times i drop things all the time, or walk into things, yes that is something that happens a lot more than i like.

when i am extremely busy i have a tendency to rush which makes me either forget what i went to shop for or where i put something, although i always seem to remember where i move my hubby`s things to when he is looking for them just not my own things like keys, phone, if it wasn`t attached to my body i would probably lose my brain too, (only joking).

Yesterday Hayley who i care for had a bit of a moment that ended up with a visit to a&e she had purple cast on her arm only fitted a week ago, i got a call early yesterday to say she had in fact got something stuck down it and it was hurting, so i collected her from her home and went to the local a&e. Unfortunately for us they can`t do anything because it is fiberglass cast so had to go to a&e further away.

So off we drove while on the way i was trying to find out more about what she had got stuck and when she did it , she said i put a felt tip in to scratch and the lid got stuck so i put a paint bush down to get it out and that broke and got stuck too, i choose to make light of it so that she was calm when we went to hospital, although i did remind her firmly she can`t put things down her cast.

On the way on this 30 minute drive to the other hospital i played high school musical songs and was singing my heart out she even joined in a bit , did the trick of keeping her relaxed. get to the hospital not a very long wait this time. They called us in removed the cast and put a temporary one on and said to phone fracture clinic in the morning.

At this point we went home neither of us having dinner yet, it was about nine pm when i got back to Hayleys her dad had her dinner and medicines all ready you see hayley is epileptic as well and normally has her medicines at 7.30 pm this is partly because she needs the 12 hours between each dose and a major part of it is routine for Hayley as she takes them when coronation street finishes. routines are hugely important not just for those with autism but prader willi syndrome too. Change in routine can cause major meltdowns for Hayley, something we like to avoid at all costs.

It is like that a lot we have made a change at her day canter so she gets to go out with staff on a Tuesday now, i give her £10 to take with her every Monday night when she comes to me the first thing she says before hello is have you got my money for tomorrow.

If someone gives her a cake on a Wednesday she will want it every Wednesday, this is something we have to be very strict with because of her Prader willi syndrome, hayley has lost five and a half stone since i became her carer she is less at risk of diabetes and other complications, now her seizures have gone from multiple big seizures to just the staring ones and that is down to medicine control and diet. i am not saying she doesn`t have any at all just that we have better control over them now, at this moment we are working hard together on health and fitness and her emotions she enjoys being evolved with Emo and the Elves and the book, she is communicating her feelings much better now and is even starting to give hugs and  Talk about her feelings over losing family members and friends.

Sometimes i think people don`t realise just how much work it takes to achieve the things we have together and with mum and dad and everyone that works with her, it isn`t always easy as she can be quite full on when she has changes happening.

She has a lot of repetitive behaviour when you address one thing she will find something else to replace it. Situations can become intense quick but just recently since the elves came along she is listening more and more joining in more and more and even smiling more, she is a very sociable woman as well and has friends every where she is trusting of everyone, she is not good yet at keeping things private when out and about and says things she may have heard and isn`t suppose to repeat, that can lead to a few awkward smiles.

She is a fantastic woman though with a heart of gold, she said to me the other day i am proud of you for writing the book , its your book noone wrote it but you. The book does mention epilepsy and prader willi but just the names on  word press and my other sites thats where the real awareness can happen being able to talk about it in more depth is where real awareness comes in,

Hayley had her new cast put on today a very quick in and out visit the staff were amazing, i have seen such a change when going to hospitals lately in the way they help,maybe it is because i high light there extra needs when booking in or that i try to be more laid back, understanding has to be in those we go to for help especially hospitals.

I have to give them a lot of credit lately for how they are with her now.

This evening i am on a night shift with Hayley little Tom and holly and Ellie, but that is for another update. i use the book and the elf not only with my children but also those i work with it realy is enriching and rewarding and a blessing and just so much fun.

much love

and thanks for all new followers i really appreciate you all

Faye xx