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Hi all wow the end of summer school term, wasn’t half as bad infact it was great few issues with Jake’s school due to funding issues and the communication with us paremts but that is something I guess they need to work harder at next term. Wow Niki has just amazed us with he continued strength and steps towards her own future, she has done her exams including GCSE English and arts awards enterprise. She has been on the student council, Christmas plays, school play.

She has worked with other students and helped teach one to use a fork and drink from a cup she started work experience on the school site and applied for college and been accepted for level one child care and health and social care course.

She has learnt techniques to help refuse her anxiety, learnt how to swim going to all lessons with a high level of determination. She has worked hard on her relationship with Tom built AWSOME friendships.

She has even taken her little brother to the toy shop she has learnt to navagate her own way home from college where she did a taster course.

Using buses. All these things that her previous schools said she wouldn’t be able to do guess the girl proved them wrong on so many levels .

She is taking a big stride towards understanding her own health, she was fabulous at the dentist on the last to occatiins she even has blood tests on her own now. I am just more proud then she could ever really know. I think she is beautiful smart funny outstanding in my eyes.

She still has the same amount of anxiety and still has autism and tourettes that will never change,

She does need support just that support is different now than while going through diagnosis and many exclutions and other things that had an impact on her at that time.

It is always one day at a time and that is really ok, that is what she needs at the moment,

She also designed the Emo the Emotional Elf on the front cover of my book her own interpretation of our Elf .

Jake as well has come so very far his attendance has gone up from school refusal and 56% attendance to over 90% I would be 100% but we have to take hospital appointments when they come because if waiting lists.

He has gone up to top set English and loves it. Spanish didn’t really work for him and was the most challenging lesson so that he managed to attend sometimes, geography he loves maths he is catching up been a bit rocky at times but next year I am hoping he will have less anxiety. He has chosen his options had a big op, continued with his kungfu when able too, started phisio therapy, helped me with my book.jake also has improved with medical and dental visits.

He has made new friends more so online and has proved to be a great help to other children on Thier lifting Thier spirits when they are down.

He is growing so fast at the mo.ent a big growth spurt he is starting to try new foods they may only touch his mouth for a moment but he will eventually eat a wider range of foods I see it happening in the not to distant future.๐Ÿ˜ Jake is learning so quickly now he has started.showimg an interest in world politics and what’s happening In the woeld. Which I beileve will I have his GCSE Geography , he has always had a vast voucabuary and a big knowledge and understanding of fiction now his developing I’m his non fiction I think writting the book and including him every step of the way has impower his learning again. Jake is still my bouncy flappy youmg man and like Niki his diagnosis will always be there but having the correct support at school has made school life easier then it was .

So I guess that’s my update for today now it’s waiting for people to purchase the book and leave reviews that is the next step of our book journey.

Many thanks