Emo The Emotional Elf Update Release days away. #EmoTheEmotionalElf #book #christmas #Elf #Emotions #autism #anxiety #mentalhealth #publishing #sales #marketing

It is all happening now so sorry for any delays but they were unavoidable.

My copies of the book to arrive with the marketing material either tomorrow or Thursday. Then to make sure the funds raised reach the publishers and we are good to go.

Writing the book was the easiest part, talking about the book so very easy, it makes me so happy to share this whole journey with you all because maybe you are writing your own book or thinking about it, or have already published it is an accomplishment to just get to this very point.

I think the title is very spot on because not just the emotions you feel when going through diagnosis, its the many emotions you go through putting it all into words. the way your thought process works, it is like the biggest roller coaster with dips turns and twists on the emotions.

I wonder how it feels to be a publisher, when they have to work with authors, they not only have someone else`s work but also an inner part of their mind, that they may have not even shown their loved one, do they get as nervous for it to go as well as it possibly can.

I think the publishers i choose really understand my vision for the book, they saw me and what i put into it and they helped shape it into the truly awesome little book.

So i will be able to finally say it is released and available, then its up to the audience to buy, and review and share and talk about, that is how you go from an unknown author to an established one.  As they say ” THE PROOF IS IN THE SALES”  the sales is in the partnership its not just up to them but me i am ready and willing to put in all the hard work i need to make it reach as many families as i can.

Have a beautiful day,

My next update to come when books arrive.

Have a beautiful couple of days until then.

love you all Faye xxx