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So spoken to publishers the other day I should be getting my copies of books by next week and all my marketing material, which we are all so very excited about.

I have been a little quite on update fronts because as you no end of summer term is highly busy not only for teachers and pupils due to exams, but also here we have had some school issues due to funding crisis for Sen teachers at my suns school.

This I think has a chance this week to be highlighted with politians.

Jake’s school teachers union. And Tkat who run the academy are now in talks and as far as we are aware and the feed back we have got officially is that they will be making sure there is

Proper support for the children with autism and other Sen issues. Which is as a parent all we want. The correct support for our kids to thrive in a mainstream inviroment.

So that has been the biggest worry on everyone’s mind. And doesn’t help our kids to have to deal with this on top of trying to cope everyday at school.

I really don’t know yet how far this book will take us but I do believe it can have an affect on others. This I think has really come to light from how many have been so open with me about there difficult times, I feel that when you truly open yourself up and put yourself on a platform for everyone to see with an open heart mind , you can have an impact on others lives.

The other thing is getting in all the children’s hospital dental and eye appointments before the holidays so we don’t spend most of it at appointments and we can really relax and enjoy our time together .

It’s only a couple of weeks till our oldest son comes to visit for a few days and spends his birthday with us.

I truly miss him every day but I know he is having such an awesome experience in his work, and his own little home. He phones almost every day the highlight of my husband and my day.

Our Niki and Jake are doing things at their own pace, there emotions are catching up a bit now.

They have some small health things to deal with but now they are able to participate in getting healthier it is helping.

In the holidays I want to develop and spend more time on. My word press site there is so much more I want to achieve to get this how I want, but also to develope my writing more.

I am hoping adventually to have a page linked to services that will help families in there time of need.

Maybe a list of vital services so they don’t have to spend so much time searching for these things, this did take alot of my time away from my kids while going through diagnosis.

Maybe even have some add for sensory products and disability aids and many more.

So yes selling my book is a huge focus.

As it should be I haven’t spent all this time writing and going through publishing process to only sell a few copies I want to sell alot. I want it to bring something special to others lives.

I know some times when I write I go off topic a little and bring in other things but the book is about all these things.

Life for us is never just straight forward it is a trully a rollercoaster

Filled with lots of love care and emotion it’s just this book has help us slot work through them together and that is a benfit for us all.

I saw a comment on one of the updates on school situations that said “(no wonder people don’t want to become a teacher because parents don’t deal with their kids emotional health and don’t teach them how to read) it made me so very angry because I get out into that bracket because of my kids autism and behavioural difficulities. And my kids reading age is years ahead of where it should be. I constantly read with and to my children all through Thier child hood and still do now. I love that bonding moment I think I get a little ingrossed In the books myself.

One of the reasons for the title of the book is Emo the Emotional Elf dealing with children and adults Emotions is a vital thing or they might not be able to access the support they need.

My kids Emotional,mental and physical health is important to me,

Because of their autism and other issues it means I have to use services and get support for them when they are not with me.

This is my updated for today hope to update you with more about the book as the journey continues.

Much Love and hugs


Here is a some of the photo’s from last couple of days