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Emo the Emotional Elf update,

Hi all i have just been taking sometime to chill and get on with a few jobs at home while waiting for the official release date,

I hope to update you very soon with the details .

so today i would like to share some of the help all the children have given along the way, and how very important there input has been in the making of the book and raising money for the book a long the way,

we have still had challenges and great triumphs, we have learnt more about ourselves and each other and how to surround the children with love and laughter, to make the difficult not seem like that is all they get,

so this is my personal thank you and update for today.

There are so many more thing we did with raising awareness and sharing our story and journey along the way, and so many more people were involved in the whole proceeds .

We have faced paperwork, broken cars and appliances, Computer faults, trips without the parents there learnt to deal with sensory and health issues, tried new foods.Moved schools, campaigned for support and services, and made so much social progress, we have had a prom, taken exams gone up in classes.

Most of all in creating the book we have, made something of a little miracle for that i am so thankful

Family Friends and new connections who have became friends by sharing a little of their lives with us. leaving beautiful lifting messages, and a whole heap of encouragement.

Please if you are not in this update it is only because i cant fit you all in just know you have been a valued member.

I wrote a story it has taken each and everyone of you to bring it life and make it a book, i truly hope you enjoy it.

Dates will be uploaded soon and places of where it will be available.

#author #christmas #elves #emotions #book #thankyou #autism #anxiety 


#awareness #visibleandinvisibledisabilities #EmotheEmotionalElf