Hi all Emo the Elf update Been a very busy weekend for Emo and the elves and all the Farmer Family #EmotheEmotionalElf #anxiety #Emotionalhealth #mentalhealth #autism #senissues #schoolcutsCrawley #Fathersday

Hi all hope your weekend is going great our house has been very busy with lots on over the weekend,

Niki and Jake attended a school cuts rally this weekend to speak up against cuts to special education teachers at Jake’s school, plus removing the from the place they think of as there safe spot to go when there anxiety is to bad to stay in the mainstream class.

Jake wrote a speach to have his voice heard and even thought I had to take to the stage to read it it was an awesome thing for him to do.

Niki and Jake marched and walked along side the teachers who’s jobs are at risk.

For those with Autism and social anxiety you know crowds and noises can be extremely difficult.

After the rally we had to quickly, get changed and walk over to the graduation ceremony as Jake graduated to brown/blue stripe belt.

We got to go shopping for Father’s Day presnts and have a McDonald’s as a treat before returning home.

The kids got to spend the evening with there dad while I took Father’s Day presents and the elves to invade my in-laws house, had a beautiful time talking about the book with them.

I finally got home about 12.30 am to find both Niki and Jake still awake. The elves and kids helped get there dad’s presents ready for the morning.

Dad opened his gifts today and was very happy I spent a little time food shopping before popping into give my dad his presents.

When I got home I prepared a little feast for my husband he offered to cook but I wouldn’t let him today, after all it is Father’s Day.

The Table was set with a lovely roast and an array of sides, after all plates were empty, we watched kids movies so such a beautiful but busy weekend.

I have spent some of my time online as I like to share the best bits,

Tommorrow back to school run, for how long not sure teachers are striking very so start on the 21st.

I can’t wait till the summer holidays when we don’t have to here about schools budget cuts and lack of funding to give kids the vital support .

I wish those in charge spent a week in the shoes of the children and there issues maybe then they will find to cut else where instead of from those who need it the most.

Have a beautiful new week, just waiting for feed back from publishers as marketing team are starting there magic now.

All my love

Faye xxx