Emo the Emotional Elf update #author #christmas #elves #emotions #autism #anxiety #mentalhealth #awareness

Estatic, Elated, tearful, happy, proud AWSOME, love, empowered.

My goodness these feelings, right now I just cannot stop smiling I feel beautiful, smart an emence amount of pure joy.

How many of you authors of books have felt that when you see feel smell touch the pages of the very first copy of your book, what you created poured your all soul into.

I don’t know whether to shout it from roof tops or go to sleep my heart is racing right now adrenalin pumping through my veins.

Guys this is just such a beautiful feeling, I never even though this possible when I impulse brought that little Elf Emo and brought him home.

Maybe it was the little smile on his face they touched my soul that day.

I really just don’t know.

I just wanted to share this moment as it actually happens when all the thoughts and feelings are running though me.

I receive the very first copy of my book so now the full printing work begins woohoo I did it.
I love these pictures my husband Nik took because I think he has captured me at my most beautiful complete moment. Wearing the necklace he gave me for our wedding day which in the hustle of the big day I forgot to wear. So Nik Farmer thank you again for that very special gift it is where it was always surposted to be now, Thank you one song comes to mind right at this very special endearing and AWSOME moment is Johnny legend ALL OF ME !!!



To all other authors don’t give up at the difficult times, persevere it may take months to write a story but it takes love, nuture, and a family to turn it into a book my family and love for them

My inspiration

All my love Faye XXX😀💝💝💝🍾