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HI all todays Emo the Emotional Elf update, the book has gone to Printers and I have just seen the marketing material, I am going to now call on your help one last time before the book is out.

Any family friends or connections because of the strict new changes to data protection I have to ask permission before giving contact details myself and the publishing company will not use or pass any details on to anyone other than to send details of the book.

So if anyone is ok please with receiving something about the book either from me or the publishers, please pm your details, if you know of any organisations or have connections with anyone you feel the book might help, this goes for schools or organisations that have a connection to the raising awareness side of book,

Or even Shops looking at ordering there Christmas stock in the not too distant future it`s a great unique Christmas story it will look lovely displayed alongside your Christmas best seller you never know it could be your Christmas best seller.

Imagine all those Emotions we all go through just at Christmas time, by the time Christmas stock starts selling there should even be some reviews out there.

The scene is set, a log fire the warm orange glow the crackling of the flames, the warm scented smell of apple and cinnamon the twinkling lights on the Christmas tree the presents still hidden except for the Christmas eve box, snuggled on the sofa with hot chocolate in your hands your kids or grandkids at your feet excitedly bouncing up and down you pass the Christmas eve box to the kids, they open it its full of surprises pyjamas, snacks, maybe a toy, or movie the kids change lay out the snacks for Santa snuggle up next to you and realise wait one more present you sit and unwrap it together.

As a parent you will of course read it yourself already so you will know the story part of the book is ok for all kids so you read that bit to them. Then when you feel that the other parts maybe relevant and something you wish to discuss and bring up sensitively with them you can pull out the book and read that part to help them discuss things and talk about their emotions.

The excitement in the kid’s eyes as they have your attention while you read together, there are many out there that get out elves at Christmas already.

For those that don’t celebrate Christmas it is a lovely book to teach about others customs without bringing and specific religion into it so it really is a book that is thought out to reach all families.

A book not just for Christmas but all year Round

It is a book of inclusion for all.IMG_20171023_194946840

All my best and much love to you all

Faye, Emo and all the Elves

#author #Christmas #Elves #schools #family #support #Emotions #Awareness #groups #parents

#Christmasbook #autism #anxiety #mentalhealth #awareness #childdevelopment #publishing #marketing #disabilitygroups #EmotheEmotionalElf #selfesteem #selfhelp #enclution #media #radio