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Hi everyone hope your week has been a fantastic one, You are all AWSOME.

The book cover has been uploaded to the bookshops and online shops now for pre-order. Still a few more weeks till fully avalible for dispatch.

One more tiny step before printing of the first copies.

Then the marketing gets started so excited for this next stage. The book already has a digital footprint every where I think raising money for the publishing fees has helped lots with that.

I really enjoyed that side of it over the last ten months it has helped me to still feel connected with the book while others are doing Thier part.

I feel my ability to speak too others now is increasing by the day, because of it.

I do feel a little lost without doing the go fund me updates, but I guess I am ready for the next step, in evolving my writing and fine tuning it Evan more.

We are settling in to the diagnosis now and are adjusting what we need too, they will always be Thier but how we handle it from this point on is the most important thing.

The book awareness is for the awareness of the things listed with #

Many thing have awareness weeks or months but for us it won’t stop ever untill changes are made for the better.

I mean it is every day we here many different stories from all over the world that have these issues, it isn’t just a local thing, Australian families want changes, American families want changes many people are standing up for changes in how those with these complex issues revieved the right support and services.

I don’t think it would ever be possible to see the change without people sharing, I like to share the best of my family, Thier abilities achievements ,

When they have overcome something that causes them really bad anxiety. Because they are more then the behaviours they display at times if great distress.

The correct support has seen my children advancing in ways a year ago I thought we would never reach,

The system can take a toll on everyone involved, it is never a personal or a bad thing to want this support in place, it is never a bad thing to point out if something is not working it helps everyone that surrounds the child or adult if we speak the truth about it.

Life has thrown great obstacles into our families lives for so long it is time for us to be ready for the great stuff to come our way, maybe that is with the book it’s self doing a good job of helping others, or maybe it is just despite the challenges we have learned to start having fun and seeing the value in ourselves and each other like we use too before diagnosis.

My family is still working on our final video thank you it is slowly coming together as we are letting the kids get a little creative in coming up with Thier own ways to say thanks.

I have seen some of them and what I have seen them do with no input from mum or dad is Amazing.

My book is as much Mr as it is them, and all of our unique imaginations put together. Our different perspectives our different thoughts and feelings. This Christmas I definitely will still have my Elves around but my daughter won’t be here and that is so sad as it is our first Christmas apart, she will be visiting her boyfriend and his family.

Good thing is my oldest son will be home and I have missed him so much since he moved away, it some how is not the same without his face and converations, we talk on the phone almost everyday but personally I like my kids company.

My husband is my rock, he keeps me on the right track with my thinking if the self doubt comes back, mostly it has disappeared completely.

Have a beautiful evening

All my love Faye xxx

Never just take things for granted love , care, find your funny and life seems so much more achievable