Today work with Tom was fabulous. #cerebralpalsy #Epilepsy #awareness #caring #sensory #selfies #fun #communication #progress

Working with Tom is such an amazing experience, he is smart, Funny and truly amazing young man, Tom has four limbed cerebral palsy and epilepsy due to deprivation of oxygen at birth. The challenges he faces every day he does with a smile when you meet him you cant help but fall in love with his cheeky mischievous personality.

he has a strong determination to do many things regardless if his body doesn’t work the way it should. he loves singing Ed Sherran, adores Mr tumble and loves his family very much

His grip is getting better by the day, he managed to hold things for quite a while today. he also did so good with rolling on his side and using both feet to reach and move his toys.

It takes a lot of concentration for him to be able to do this, some times he turns his head to the opposite side if he is trying to reach for something he really wants. occasionally if you gentally hold his good hand or favoured hand he has a better control of the other side. but he typically wont give up until he has what he wants.

Reading with him today he was really focused and enjoyed his books and was able to touch the things in the book when it asked him a question always getting the right answer, he maybe non verbal but has learnt a few words funny enough one was EMO,

thats because i have been bringing him to work with me. His little legs kicking wildly in excitement, and a squeal of excitement and delight when Emo the Elf`s head popped round the door, shows how much he engages with the Elf, first thing he said was “Emo” today then nutty me jumped in the door he new fun was about to begin.

I have been working with Tom officially since he was 2 years old but as his aunt and godmother as well, i was there just after he was born was pretty scary time for the whole family.

The fact is Tom will always need full time one to one care just because of the physical limitations but he is making amazing progress and his mind is so very sharp, now i do only work with him part time because he has a team of fabulous carers who he adores and an amazing school where he gets to learn and have so much fun with teachers and his friends. It is a whole team, therapist, doctors, nurses, even to the people who look after his equipment making sure it fits him and is changed as he grows. around this young man who en -captured all our hearts.

His whole family have had some very tough times, but they are strong and get up and surround Tom with the best people to look after his needs.

So i would like to say a big thank you to all who help and work with our little Tommy.

His sisters Becky Ellie and holly, and even the Family dogs and cats they are all in tune with Toms needs, the dogs and cat pick up when he is not right they either sit by his bed or door or bark funny how this happens but it is amazing too.

My blog is about raising awareness for many things as well as for my book so this today is to talk about little Tom and his conditions.The book is in printing stage now so keep a look out for it over the next couple of weeks,for us we use elves but for others it could be a child or adults special interest or favorite thing.

Another big thing Tom likes and that is selfies he likes taking them at home and at school and little videos and likes to see or watch himself it makes him smile and laugh.

Tom has an amazing wing on his home fitted with hoist specialist baths, beds, walking frames wheelchairs and much more that is needed to meet his needs.

Without this essential things life would not be how it is for him or his family

so this is our blog today.