Emo the Emotional Elf By Faye Farmer #caring #work #bringingelftowork #spreadingsmiles #openingcommunication

working with both adults and children with different disabilities as a carer is such a challenging but awesome job to have, but also being an aunt and spending time with the ones with out disabilities is fab as well, since writing the book i have incorporated the elves in to all the different aspects of our lives, to talk about feelings and  with everyone.

It is raising awareness in a less stressful environment really to help others talk and be able to communicate, easier it is an extension of my personality.

I have certainly spoke to so many people, the kids are learning too communicate there needs and feelings so much better as well. Hayley is growing in her ability of saying what she wants needs and feels.

It isn`t a long post tonight, but i want to keep showing how we do things to help with things that are sometimes giving us more difficulty than the average person and that it isn`t impossible for us to achieve and try doing something we haven’t done before.

Just wearing the Elf hats and having Emo with us got smiles from everyone and even had them come and talk and ask questions.

when we told them it was for raising awareness they thought it was great.

Here is some pictures i like to write but also like to show photos, to bring imagination and reality together so it is easy for those who struggle with what goes on in the real world at the moment.


Many thanks

Faye Emo and Hayley