Emo the Emotional Elf Update and Final Go fund me update We did it we raised all the funds #author #Christmas #elves #emotions #autism #anxiety #mentalhealth #releasedsoon

Hi all today we are officially closing the go fund me campaign for donations. WOW AMAZING!!
We have hit our target for publishing fee`s.
There has been a couple of weeks delay till fully published.
Myself and my family would like to say the biggest thank you, for all your help in raising funds.
Your donations and shares and support have meant more to us than you will ever know.
So to finish this campaign i would like to thank you all again.
Be sure to keep a look out for the book , writing the book was just a new beginning for our family, a family that has grown individually in confidence strength and health, a family that is facing any challenge`s head on with love and acceptance of who we are.
So who ever you are what ever challenges come your way, whether its with family, school, diagnosis, or even funds, never give up persevere, what you put in time and effort, Will always come through in the end ,
I have know doubt, you can and will achieve everything you want, Just believe in you.
In 2016 I was wishing for a Christmas Miracle and it took a while for the magic to happen now it has.
Emo the Emotional Elf and his brothers, hope to be in your home soon for your family to share.
I will leave this active so I can update the day the book is published . but as we have hit our target their is no more donations needed, but if you can share this thank you letter so all who have donated and shared can see it i would be very Grateful.
If you decide to get the book when released please, I would love to here what you think about it, so be sure to leave a review honest and real opinions is what I would like, it is what all authors like. It helps us grow for when the next book start`s.
This journey as you know has not just been about our journey and the book, but also the sharing and talking about the issues raised in this book , These will continue always.

sending love too you all

Faye , Nik , Josh, Niki and Jake xxx
not forgetting the elves Emo the Emotional Elf, Derrick, Fredrick, Norman, Darcy and Donny

Please bare with us for a couple of days as we are working on a more personal video thank you.
we will upload as soon as it is finished20180604_214924-COLLAGE