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Hi all today`s update, today came as a huge surprise Niki decided she wants to help raise money at the car boot sale tomorrow, i thought she was going to choose a couple of things but she had a massive sort out.

That may be easy for those without additional issues but for someone with anxiety and tourettes and autism it is extremely hard. as the attachments to things can be a little intense sometimes, but for hours and 2 black rubbish bags and i dont know how many labelled and bagged and priced items are now ready there were lots of outburst and stress but she did it and i am really proud of her. she is even going to get up at 5.30 to go and help me.

Jake had a bit of an off day today and slept for most of it so he will probably have trouble sleeping tonight , but at least he is listening to what his body needs, and has more of an understanding into it now.

The elves have been play acting Jack and the beanstalk only it was Fredrick climbing the beanstalk to bring the giant Emo the elf back to earth, as he needed some laughter to take away the anxiety, mum was being really goofy and being very silly.

Dad cooked Mum a very lovely dinner mum set the table while dad cooked, Dad knows mum gets really grumpy when she hasn`t eaten, so he decided to cook her steak egg and chips mum was delighted and her plate was clean so was dads.

please continue to share and donate we have £150 left still we will be putting what we make at the boot sale into the fund tomorrow as well. i am sure with a little help we will make it though.

I have got my head around the delay of three too four weeks till fully published now so just going to continue to raise funds in the mean time.

lets just say right now that sixteen years of mum and dads hard work sitting in a boxes is tough to see,  as we will only get a very small percentage of what we invested in for the kids. but i wouldn`t change any of it because the kids are worth every penny we spent and so much more.

Oh did i mention Dad picked a flower from the garden the white one in the picture and put it on the window for mum to see, Mum was all happy and starry eyed she thought it was a sweet thing.

love you lots guys remember shares and donations are needed still

Faye xxx