If our sweet baby angels could talk.

If the child we lost could talk they would say.

Don’t cry for me mum or dad, my brother’s or sisters. My family.

I may be gone, in the physical scence,but I am always near.

I am the stars in the sky as they first start to twinkle and shine.

I am the sunrise and the sunset,

I am the moon that follows you from your above.

I am the flowers that slowly bloom, I am the water that flows in the stream.

The rainbow and it’s colourful gleam,i am the strengh when you feel weak.

I push you forward when ever you need,

Don’t cry for me for I am not gone I am in your soul your heart and your mind.

My love for you will always make a visit,

A lost birthday,Christmas a grave yard visit. I here your voice where I am,

I feel your love your surport and you care. Even though I cannot be there.

So when you think of me think of my little hands the hands you held for only a while you remember it it will make you smile.

For all you parents out there devasting as it is don’t despare it is hard and sad and oh so wrong to be left behind when I am gone. Remember I walk by your side I will come back to you like the return at high tide.

These are the words we would say when we get to meet you again One Day xx❤️❤️