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well this is a slightly difficult post to write but i want to keep it honest, so here goes i have been focusing on the may 31st publishing date,  because the things i read and seen online about my own book, so i guess a made a rookie author mistake, there  i guess i got caught up in all i saw online as well, it was easy to focus on that particular date as it gave me a goal to work towards and helped motivate me to keep at it. Sadly after a chat with publishers to confirm today is the day they had to explain to me the process, i dont think i will ever do that again so we are still at least five to six weeks till officially published i cant give a specific date just yet i will wait until they confirm it. i feel a bit embarrassed to be honest, i hope it is not held against me as it truly wasn`t my intention to get it wrong.

I am going to look at it on the positive sign that i learnt something valuable and new never assume or be afraid to ask questions even if it makes you uncomfortable, it is something my hubby tells me all the time and a bit of a bug bear for him.

The positive side is it gives me just a few weeks longer to raise the last £240 that is something of a relief i know i can i just have to keep up, with this strong determination i have for both the fund raising and raising awareness for the book and all the book stands for.

I am getting to talk to so many new people lately as well which is so awesome, I am used plans changing so after a moment of tears i pulled myself together and sat thought about it and got straight back up to carry on. I am quite a resilient person at the best of times.

Today i also had all of the last work done on my teeth so i can smile a way happily now and maybe even  talk more in person. i never thought i would change so much myself in a year but i have a huge amount ,am i still a little reserved sometimes, do i still make mistakes of course its a human thing to make mistakes i try never to make them more than once but who can say.

So please continue share or donate every little thing helps

have a beautiful day and rest of the week

All my love Faye xxIMG_20180531_185823977_LL




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  1. myplace3187 says:

    I can relate to having a publishing dead line for publishing a book. I have wrote and self published two so far. I have learned more since my last book came out about the constant need to market our books. One day there is going to be a return on my investment in time and effort. I wish you success in finally having your book published.

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