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Hi all still raising the final amount for gofundme ,here is today`s update.

As you know you know the book is due for release on the 31st of may 4 more days to go Exciting times, not just for me but the children are very excited to i have really enjoyed it and how they have realy engaged with the whole book for looking up publishers to talking and sharing with others , to joining in with the pictures and giving me great inspiration every day.

They have taking it in to their games online , had a big input in designing the cover with their dad. they have drawn pictures and made their own digital versions , they have been actively involved in raising funds, and them and their dad have been teaching me about  improving my punctuation and spelling, we have been though so much individually and as a family, we are always learning and stretching our selves to be more then just a layble or diagnosis.

confidence and self esteem are growing by the day, do we still have the same difficulties yes that wont change it is just now instead of it being used to exclude us we are fighting for big changes in the support and inclusion so we also get the best quality of life regardless.

DO not right us off just yet their are know limits to what we can achieve take the time to ask take the time to listen and take the time to talk to others who maybe different to what society calls normal.

As you know this is a sweet little Christmas story using elves to engage the audience, a little bit of our magic at Christmas 2016. The mischievous elves got up to also sorts of things and shared some of the things their family and friends and those mum works with

do and like we are not speaking for other families with these conditions as everyone is unique and has their own special; interest and stories.

We also use the elves to promote a healthier way of living, hospitals and dentist appointments any things that are new and we are anxious to give a try we bring the elves. we use the elves to talk about our emotions, so although it is all about the book it is what develops and indeed  what grows from the book its self and what we feel it can bring to others along the way.

It is also about raising awareness for so many things in the pictures i will attach you will see Derrick in a wheelchair, Darcy the elf has hyper-mobility, Emo is obviously the elf that for us represents the autism and anxiety and all the emotions that go with it.

Fredrick likes to go to tight spaces when highly anxious, it could be a cupboard or sleeping bag , or  weighted blanket . Morgan the big elf well he is flappy even in public and that is OK, instead of staring why not join in you never know you might just enjoy it.

Donny when he is very anxious socially or has extremely bad sensory issues and just needs a quite place of his own likes to just play mine-craft with his friends online there is no facial expressions or body langue to learn know body bumping in to you or making you feel uneasy. the fast pace helps relieve some of the feelings you feel, in a less challenging way until you feel calm again.

So this is my update today oh and kids the elves noticed the fairies had the light on in their home so went to talk to them in the garden.

Emo and derrick made Jake his five a day snacks Jake ate them all mum added a strawberry tonight as well.the elves also helped mum with her work out with the boxing bag outside, Mums health is very important so she can help the children with their day to day challenges.


please continue to share and donate every little helps

many thanks Faye xxx


Mum would like more Elves that show different disabilities so every child has and elf like them , she would also like elves made to celebrate cultures to where ever the country they are from.



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