Emo the Emotional Elf update another £15 donated this morning only £230 to go. https://www.gofundme.com/towards-publishing-fees #author #Christmas #book #elves #emotions #autism #anxiety #mentalhealthawareness #publishingfees

Hi all today`s update.

We have received another £15 donation towards Emo`s book fund, so now only have £230 to raise.

Thank you so very much Sue for donating I hope you will pop in for a cuppa soon and I can show you the book before it hits the shop. Today has been a fantastic day spent with Nik the kids and the Elves, we have been up to the most fabulous mischief and memory making today.

It all started when I finished work with Hayley at late morning, as soon as I got back from dropping Hayley off I knew something was different plus I heard the noise from when I opened the front door,

Emo and his brothers were helping dad and out next door neighbours in the garden, cutting the trees as they had grown too big and our garden wouldn’t flourish, they are not our trees but we helped any way. Now dad has a lot of emotions over the years about them tree`s frustration anger but he managed to make it nice by laughing and joking while they worked mum was really proud.

Derrick put on his helmet to teach the tree cutter`s to be safe, Emo and his brothers love being with the Farmer family and see their home as the elves home too.

Oh what a day Emo and his brothers went to check on Amy`s rose bush it is starting to bud and flower with the deepest beautiful rich red colour, scented like you will never believe they know mum and the kids love it so much a beautiful reminder of Amy.

The elves next carried on working in the garden checking if the apples had started to grow but there were not any just yet, so they decided to check how the home made compost heap was doing, mum dad and the kids like doing their bit for the planet so this is just a small way as well as recycling the plastic and paper waste as much as they possibly can.

As the trees were being cut the elves, Jake and mum were collecting wood to keep for Yai Yai and Papou to use to keep warm this winter, they collected quite a lot it should save on their heating bill this winter. Dad was looking up at the ladder against the tree and thinking he was glad the neighbour was climbing so was mum because dad`s her sweetheart it made her nervous just looking at how high they were.

As dad was busy and mum had been working Jake and Emo decided to cook home-made pizza and salad for dinner even though Jake doesn`t eat it he wanted to help mum and dad out, so with mum and Emo`s supervision away he baked, it was so delicious everyone loved it, Jake had his own special dinner too. Emo was a messy elf and ended up covered in flower, or was it the cheeky Jake that covered him who knows mum had to clean Emo up.

Niki as to not be left out got to cooking cake with Emo not just any cake but a five layered rainbow cake Niki is a very inclusive person and welcomes the LGTB community as her friends she is passionate about the cause and has even done whole assemblies at school on it.

After Niki and Emo finished their rainbow cakes, Emo`s was an rainbow Emo mess!! but mum said “that`s ok practice makes it better each time” they left the kitchen in a right mess and Niki disappeared with a giant slice of cake but Emo and derrick made sure the cleaned up for mum.

That is our memories we share with you today please continue to share and donate to our gofund me we are so very close now.

Love you all lots

Faye xxxxx