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Hi all today has been a very busy day for work and the book and for my daughter who had her interview for mainstream college, today my daughter  niki`s anxiety was higher than normal due to the anxiety of her interview but with many text and a couple of phone calls she managed her day at school , with us talking her through her feelings lots of reassurance from the school and me and her dad, that she can infact do it, it turned out better than expected because she is only able to do one course at a time, so they actually merged her child development and her health and social care into to one by starting at a lower level while she gets used to the new setting and return to mainstream learning. so well done to my daughter Niki you make me so very proud, for those who said you can`t shame on them for putting limitations on you.i never had any doubt now you just have to show your obvious talent in this area.

I work with Hayley who has prader willi syndrome she is really loving being involved with the book and since bringing Emo into her life as well she is more willing to talk about things that bother her she is better at communicating her needs and she is learning to over come losing family members by talking.

Today we took the out and about with us when i first started working with hayley she used to get very upset and refuse to go on escalators, but by continuing to expose her to them over the years she has gone from refusal to holding on for dear life with both hands, to just one hand standing tall and brave.we then had some time in the shops choosing props with her help we choose ones we could take out side and and get creative with. Hayley goes to a day centre four days a week as well and loves drama and filming and taking pictures so this was something she really enjoyed.

Hayley herself over the years has been treated differently because of her disability but today she she stands up and says this is me and i am proud. we also had a treat day today because of Hayley`s Prader willi  we have to be very restrictive on her food to keep control of her weight , this in turn   has had a positive impact and a reductions of her fits.

we know she still has the absences and the silent ones just by her moods but the big multiple ones everyday are under control and happen rarely , it realy takes a lot of work to keep the weight off. but she has been doing awesome with it.

we took a walk through town and to pictures by the new water feature, before posing with the elves outside a book shop that will be selling the book,

while we were there the elves attracted a older gental man to come and talk to her and ask about them we talked to him about the book and why we were raising awareness for disability and mental health , and he said thank you i dont know what to do my wife is really struggling with mental health and wont get help, and i don`t know what to do he said it must have been fate that put us in the same place i gave him a leaflet i had printed about the book to give to his wife and also wrote my phone number should she want to talk, and then of course i gave him a big hug it is sometimes hard for families of people struggling with mental health and having someone understand is a good thing. so Hayley and i were happy to help him feel able to reach out and talk.

Today i also was showing Hayley how to use self service tills she can`t read but i pointed to the buttons for her to use and she did it scanned and payed  all herself she was very proud.

WE even learned some road safety today

Emo had brought his door of Emotions with Him and he wants everyone to be able to talk about their Emotions without fear. Its called door way to opening our emotions ,LETS TALK .

This is my update for today still £285 to raise i am determined to get there as all these things i have spoke about today is what emo is for just to support and help.

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many thanks much love

Faye xxx