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Hi all i want to start this update with a very big hello to you all the weather has been so very beautiful it brings about high spirit and more outdoor time the sun although you have to bear in mind sun cream and hats and everything is a very therapeutic thing and a natural positive vibe for your body natural source of vitamins our body needs to thrive, plus looking out side on a sunny day gives a happy feeling that cold wet days don`t..
i may be a little more open with this post.the pictures today really represent the eating issues that can go along with autistic maybe spectrum disorders, its easy for advise to be given like put it on a plate they will eat it or let them go hungry that will eat it in the end, if you have a child who has these eating issues the reality is much far away from the tips given they affect all aspects of the persons lives and their family, it definitely affects ours in a big way,it is not just us that are parents that try to get our children to try different thing it also involves doctors specialist and mental health teams, but still even with all that it wont change until the person is ready to take that step for themselves the pressure on those that have these eating issues are very real it`s sensory based anxiety based and may be also an issue with controlling food it definitely needs a lot of research not by using force or by adding the pressure or guilt that they should but can`t do it.
It is almost slightly OCD based as many dont like their food to even touch or it is even colour based safe colours unsafe colours this is why i think many of those that suffer feel they get little support this is why families scrambled and get passed from one doctor to another because it is little understood, the reason i think it needs more research is because doctors are then having to deal with families and this issue, maybe certain foods upset tummy`s of feel funny going through the body and that`s why they become a food that goes on the unsafe list,so that is the first picture i am sharing with this post Jake`s dinner we are different techniques and letting Jake set the pace today this boy is going through a growth spurt at the moment and he is always hungry, we are trying to make eating a more positive experience for him so like to try to put a bit of inspiration on his plate, today he did not notice his food was touching and he didn`t mention it i just put it on the table he liked how it was set out on the plate i left the room not long after he brought the empty plate out.
Emo the Emotional Elf and his Brothers found a emoji tin of biscuits in the garden they were so very excited they love Biscuits just like Niki Dad and Jake,they were very happy,Mum had a big smile on her face then she started laughing the elves decided to investigate the tin only to discover cheeky mum had take the biscuits and replaced them with oranges mum had to take pictures of it to show dad and everyone else, that mum is so very mischievous it didn`t work though the oranges ended up back in the fruit bowl so i guess the elves are to intelligent and had the last laugh.
The next part of my update is did you see #holbycity tonight between them and

over the last year i would like to ask what are you doing in my mind its like you have wormed your way into the inner memories of my brain and dug out all the things my little family and wider family have gone through and they in your programs are portrayed so real it has been your big stories on autism, anxiety, bowel issues, heart issues, Huntington’s, stroke ,EDS and pots, this is just a little of our families issues it is like you just get it so thank you so very much for telling these slightly different versions affecting the many people on the show and there families but all of these are my families. maybe this is an update that will have meaning to others that have these complex issues to deal with in there families, and they can feel the importance of raising awareness and what this little book means i mean even Holby Brought in the elves i was almost jumping on the bed in excitement .guys you are fantastic all the actors well done
Please continue to Share and Donate the book should be back with me for final approval in the next couple of days and i still have £285 to raise
#Author #christmas #Emotions #elves #Autism #anxiety #mentalhealthawareness
I hope other families are able to open up and tell their stories, but most of all the one`s that are affected most which is the children, children with these challenges that grow into adults still with these challenges the support needs to change for all.
many thanks and much love
Faye xxx