Emo the Emotional Elf Update #author #Christmas #elves #children #book #emotions #selfesteem #autism #anxiety #mentalhealth #inclusion not just for a week but for life https://www.gofundme.com/towards-publishing-fees

Hi all hope this update finds you well and in great spirits if not that is OK too, sometimes life throws unexpected things in your path, ours at the moment is a bad clutch on the car the car is unhappy with a little support and attention and love it should be back on the road by Thursday.

The positive side of this is it choose the week my Mum was visiting, so Mum and Dad have been helping with getting us places and with the school run while the work is done, So a massive thank you for all the help Mum and Dad. It has been so great to spend time with you Mum, and all the family this weekend even the newest member and their friends and family at the weekend.

Josh i miss you my oldest son hope to see you soon, my Greek Family love you lots you are all so very welcome to visit any time.

Back to update we still are needing to Raise £385 towards the publishing costs, the support has been fantastic at getting us to this point, it is weeks away from release now so finding the rest of the funds is the only thing to do.

The book is like a child the thought of creating something beautiful individual unique, starts in your imagination the first word, develops into several, then into sentences and and further into a whole vocabulary and just like a child you pour all your Emotions, love, time, attention, and imagination in order for it to grow and develop, to reach it`s full potential. It needs nurture respect,and help to reach an audience.
Whether it is based on a person of has an imaginary aspect to the main character it can open possibilities to many things, take your imagination to many places on what is Next for Emo and his Brothers. My mind has just began to think beyond the book into more, I think when writing for younger readers it is a must that it`s true to the experiences especially if is to do with raising awareness for issues that you go through as a family but also in the way in which it is conveyed through the book.
I can say the book is written in a simplest form so it is accessible
for many different learning abilities, it has real life photo`s with our family and the elves so that there is an element of imagination but real life people as well.
The book is not a one time once a week or once a year thing it can be used to bring up many different things that affect families, not just mental health and autism and anxiety, but also the physical and emotional health

and grief of losing a loved one.

I Have loved every minute of it even when i have been frustrated with my own spelling and punctuation issues.

I have huffed and given up and got back up and started again, I have written whole pages removed them and written them again, i have edited and reedited more times then i care to remember. But there is a book and a book i have given my all to, I am so satisfied and elated that it is now at this point in life i am taking this journey to a vastly new beginning not only for me but my whole family.

Please continue to SHARE, DONATE, or even drop a comment if you yourself are an author and are just starting the journey to publishing a book or even if a book is just in your thought process.
Sending you all love and respect for your own personal journeys through life, continue to share your stories Fact or fiction you bring something to the world, by your written or spoken word if you use sign langue or just your eyes to communicate that is great to

, stories

are there to be heard or read with Eyes or with your fingers by way of Braille or Audio or even by illustrations or pictures or photo`s communication is the key to it all.