Beautiful day family and school play. #autism #anxiety #tourettes

This day has been so amazing, seeing my kids off to school today knowing Niki had her school play she was just so excited happy and full of confidence.

Jake went to school all smily and happy, it has been a fantastic mix of many things I had the dentist after dropping the children off I used to avoid dentists for many years because, after one visit that left me with an abscess they spread through my whole face all the way to my eye there was this anxiety inducing fear because it left me in hospital with introvince antibiotics, tablets didn’t work and as I was allergic to penicillin they didn’t want to give it to me in there end we had to go with it as the infection was really bad. Anyway after 1and a half years of treatment I am back to my smily self.

Next on the list of things to do was having Hayley dropped at dads instead of mine and making sure that dad remembered to pick Jake up from school for me.

Nik my husband and I drove 40 minutes to get to Niki’s school in time for the play, we took our seats waiting for The play to start and out of the corner of my eye i saw my Niki peeking through the curtain I showed my hubby and she was smiling so big what a look it was, she was happy to see us both there last time dad was a way for work so couldn’t be there.

This time she had us both mum and dad’s attention fully focused on her.

Our beautiful funny smart daughter, the kids were amazing and then it happened her part although there was a little bit of nerves she stood tall and proud as she read her lines no sensory issues no anxiety of if there was she hid it well and no tics or verbal outburst, our daughter did it like I knew she always could.

Her eyes and face sparkled she positively shone on stage, my hubby and I were the proudest parents.

I think all the parents there were, seeing your kids school plays is always amazing but seeing a play put on from stage and lighting and music by the children at this special needs school is something else it didn’t matter if they forgot there lines or were really verbal of unable to speak they all were fab. Amazing funny truly stars. Macbeth an amazing okay they managed to bring humour depth of charictire and so much more.y husband presented Niki with a bunch of roses for her excellent performance but if it didn’t go as planned she would have still revieved them for trying in the first place.

They smiled laughed and we’re proud of each other memories made to take with them when they move on to a different future.

On the way home we picked Jake up from Grandads had fun in the car.

Minor wobble from them when we got home but I think that was just a way of dealing with the feelings they held back at school.

A Pizza was ordered as a treatfor us all , except for Jake he had his garlic breads and grapes but that’s ok that is just one of Jake’s issues that will change when he is ready.

I was ment to work tonight but the little boy I look after has just came home from hospital so is staying with his mummy and daddy oh dear they forgot to let me know that was happening so I only had Hayley to work with tonight.

I get home with Hayley and my poor hubby has a toothache so we had to get him some meds.

This is just part of one day of our lives kind of crazy but relaxing and forfilling at the same time.

The only negative is my car is sick and needs some work new clutch I think, still it will have to be done as it’s important I stay mobile for the kids and my work, hope you have. Beautiful day ,/night and weekend

Love to you all