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Hi all today`s update is we had another donations of £20 From Tom Niki`s boyfriend so that leaves £385 left to raise, it would really help if as many people that can share my campaign as possible. Tom Christmas 2016 you came into our world and en-captured our Niki`s heart you don`t know just how much of an impact you had on her or us but we are glad you came just like the elves you have become part of our family and i am truly glad you did. you are the sweetest, polite and endearing young man who has a deep love for Niki and transformers dont ever not be just who you are, thank you again for donating it means a lot
i could go on about how fab we think you are but Niki will actually growl at me and say my boyfriend as she had many time when i say how lovely you are.
I can only write the updates, its because of all of you that share and have donated that have got us this far, on the journey to a published book. You have all been so amazing putting up with my campaign and my posts about the Emo the Emotional Elf book and the go fund me the sooner i reach the £0 the sooner the gofundme can end.
Oh my goodness i cant believe we are nearly there on both the gofundme and the completed book and at the end of this month i will be a fully fledged published Author.
Thank you so very much for the continued support and positive feed back along the way you helped me kick any doubts i had about this away.
I am more than ready for the next stage of the process, i would be happy to meet with anyone when it comes to the next stage.
I am happy to meet with the children whether they have a disability or not no one is excluded, that goes for adults to.
Especially the ones that are starting there journeys to diagnosis that may feel overwhelmed or isolated.
everyone matters and has a purpose in life, some may have different purposes than others but thats truly OK, as we grow we learn to be comfortable in our own skin, we learn we are all unique and are all different we have different views thoughts feelings it is what makes us human after all.
Be proud to be who your are regardless.
love you all lots
Faye ,Emo the Emotional elves and the brothers and sister elves that are yet to come.