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Hi all what ever sight that draws you to my posts and Emo the Emotional Elf updates and other work. I thank you for sparing the time here to read.

Over the next couple of weeks it I am sure is going to be a very busy time as far as the book and it’s release and a major push to raise the last of the funds I am over joyed that we only have £425 left to raise out of the£2600 needed there is many things happening at the publishers at the moment while on the end part before it becomes public.

Since the beginning of the book the daily progress the children have made to better understand themselves and I still feel the journey is on going and continuing as they change and go in to different settings a new set of people have to learn who they are and how best to support them as indevidual learners and understanding Thier unique abilities and challenges so they can carry on growing and learning advancing at a pace that is right for them, to be a valuble member of class, school or society. To advance dispite the limitations they either put on themself or ones others put on them.

I love my children to try it is not always about reaching a destination but taking the very first tentative steps to a new way of learning and living.

A new way of bringing joy to themselves and others. Everyday each of us learn something new about ourselves and others that we didn’t know before, everyday we learn on new fact of life, everyday we face many emotions we rear very differently to different situations and that is the best no 2 days are ever the same we might do the same things as part of a routine or just because life is made up of many different factors but it’s ok to just be.

Have a beautiful day

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Love to you all Faye xxx