Figuring people out online #honesty #building-friendships #connections #families #manners and #respect

The online world comes with many advantages of learning new things and challenging yourself to become more advanced in your knowledge of the world and many things. I am a very open person i have no issue with anyone asking me questions about what i post,why i post it and why the very things i post about matter to me .

The life experiences whether family or to do with my work as a carer or even why i wrote a book, this i think is an important part of the journey to becoming an author,to connect with others that it might help or to reach out to others when they feel alone.

To give a bit of guidance to what helped my own family grow through the difficult times, but i do have difficulty telling if someone has good intentions of becoming a valued friend or whether they think i am easy to take advantage of.

i am not a rich person in monetary sense in fact i earn just enough to pay my bills and cover the things my family need, thats the reason for the Go fund me it has been a help to raise the money for the book using this sight, but it doesn`​t matter what sight i`m on there seem to be a few people i thought were kind and maybe someone i could talk to about the things above just generally to see if they are a honest person, what i don`t like about online life is people turning pleasant talks into something else i.e sex especially when i say i  am married and i don`t want to talk about it.

Another thing i don`t like is others coping my picture then sending it and making personal  comments about my appearance i am okay with complements  when done in public but to do it privately makes me really uncomfortable its one of the reasons i dont like watts app although many ask if i have it, it is not a personal thing against anyone but i like to get to know people for a while before i would ever put my self in that Position,.

then there are the ones that spend days asking questions about family and paying you compliments only to try and get money from you because maybe they have seen the fund raiser and want some for themselves , it is not that i am being rude but when people donate to a cause who ever it is, that is what that money is for, people have donated to my campaign not me it is not my money but the books money i cant give what others have donated to that.

after my campaign is over and when i am financially in a better place i will donate to a few campaigns that and people i have got to know as very genuine people, people i conciser friends who`s stories have really touched my heart .

I am not an uncaring or unkind person i worked so very hard on the Emo the Emotional Elf book for so long , i have put my heart soul and all my love into the  book, and that is what i hope people who read it will get from it when they read it, the advancement in not only my kids schooling but also in the understanding of there autism and anxiety not just for my family, but my ability to pass my knowledge on to those working and supporting my kids so they continue making progress at school at home and socially is well there just isn`t any words i am wondering if anyone else that raises money gets the same thing happen to them or if it is only women who run them ? I have tried to  be conservative in my appearance i try not to post wearing to much make up mostly head shots unless i am with the kids and they are small so trying to keep covered when they are near is not so easy.

But it still doesn`t stop !!

I like to give others more chances then maybe i should because i truly dont want to exclude anyone, another thing i have seen a lot of  is fake profiles and i worry about the younger generation being vunrable to this especially if they have low self esteem, i mean seriously Simon Cowell is going to inbox me and start talking about his dad and his kid with someone he doesn`t know i realy dont think so and what about Prince Harry  i actually think he would have millions of followers not 45 he is probably busy getting ready for his wedding and the many fantastic causes him and his brother are raising awareness for . they are awesome young men losing a mother so young and in a very public way i am sure was devastating my heart goes out to them, i think they help others not just because they are royals but they truly care.

I worry for our young children online who these fake account`s add because of the private message side of things it is easy to block a persons page not so easy to report private messaging if it goes wrong, these are just a few things that i have experienced and noticed as a novice online, and as a mum i find it quite disturbing, i can sit in silence and turned a blind eye because it may not be my kid affected but that would make me a very naive person and that i am not so i write and i watch and i report when i see it happen if more people did this the internet could be safer for our younger generation, so they can use media for learning and making genuine friendships.

I suppose that is exactly what i am using it for to add people who can share their stories and lives and it can be enriching not in a monetary way   but in a valued friendship a connection of people maybe on the same journey as our family or maybe just any family.

I value manners and honesty if your going to ask me for money without checking out my profile or even friendship it is something that takes time if i go quite it is one of 2 reasons 1] i am busy with my family work or book or 2 you have said something i am uncomfortable with but am just to polite to upset people.

I would love to here others experiences and am inviting you to leave a comment maybe i am a little paranoid about these things but i dont think so because they have happened .

I hope you all get to experience the very best of online i wont let a few spoil everything i have worked hard to build and achieve.

have a beautiful week ahead

Always Faye xx