Day in the open air flowers animals mumand daughter time plus Emo the Emotional Elf update. #author #elves #autism #anxiety #mentalhealth

Today has been so AWSOME work up to find another donation of £25 had been made by a member of family.

So only £471 left to raise becoming an author has been AWSOME but also running a campaign to raise the money while working and being a mum, has been one of the most self esteem building things for me and the children. I love my family so much i watch them all growing and living there lives in all parts of our country and other countries I think that is the beautiful side of online life. Ring connected even when your not in the same place. But it is also making and meeting new friends form all over the place people you don’t know, but bring a real value to your life the more I connect with more theore I am seeing how the wonderful things in life out there, to discover and explore not only for me but the kids as well it’s so easy to see what’s wrong with the world anduch harder to see just what is right with it.

I like to look at the best it has to offer but am not blind or naive about it all.

Living within a family with autism anxiety and mental health issues isn’t always easy. That’s why I love to bring and show a more positive view of things I feel they see enough bad already and having something to break that up and to give them hope and light and laughter is a gift.

A gift of something new a gift of just being them a gift of hope for better things for there life in the future.

Today was also beautiful because the sun was shining the birds were singing, I took my daughter Niki out to the local nature reserve again she brought a friend along it was indearing and beautiful. The girl said something that made my heart pull and that was I try to leave my autism at home when out in public, I asked is that hard she said yes. People don’t realise that it is more damaging to people to hide it it causes the anxiety and the panic. I told her she can just be her with us neither of them had any bad anxiety today they were relaxed and climbed Teresa looked at animals and just talked. It was very liberating and freeing to see to beautiful young adults just enjoying themselves.

There was famileys of all ages playing and sitting around laughter and talking and socialising at no time did anyone say or point or stare or say you need to change we just went out and had fun. That’s not always the way for families with kids or even adults with autism. But it should be it should be they are excepted for who they are seen as just them included and thiving in the world just like everyone else.

Please continue to share or donate it all helps xx

Hugs and kisses to you all

Have a beautiful weekend and a positive peaceful week