My soul my heart my love

This time 25 years ago I met my husband, there is not one day of our life together I regret the good the great the challenges we have been by each others side.

How can it be so hard to say how much he matters to me still after all these years.

That very first days he encaputured my soul, he makes me stutter my words still if I can get one word in.

He is a story teller who uses cutlery and pepper and salt to visual show me things it always makes me giggle.

He drives me nuts with his demanding Greek ways but I secretly love it, his eyes when I can look into them either makes me melt or makes me want to look away.

The funny thing is he makes me shake when I am near.

His deep booming husky voice adds to the intensity.

He is funny so very smart and according to him always right

He makes me laugh, cry, smile not just with my mouth but my eyes they just have this puppy dog look when I see him he understands me he knows when to push me or when to back off.

He has more faith in me than I do, he intrigues me the two of us were made for each other but we’re both Scorpio’s both stuburn loving caring and giving both looking to get that much closer into each others mind.

Still learning things about each other for some reason we never shared.

Maybe it’s the raw the bared soul stripped of years of clutter that will adventually lead to a more awesome new set of years he gets my sense of humour the day he said run over the shirt with the iron and I did just that, I dropped it on the floor and with the iron in my hand ran over it.

Or the time he was a DJ and on the way home late at night the car broke down we got out he lifted the bonnet and all I said was at least the hazards worked. Sometimes in stressfull situation I come out with the goofy things but at least it makes him laugh.

He has perticular things that drive me nuts but I know it’s cause he cares like eat your food, get some sleep, he knows I am a night mare if I don’t do these things I wake up late and am stressed. He sits there with the frustraighting told you so look on his face or when I forget something it’s for goodness sake. I drive him actually does me but those feelings that connection I feel and have felt for 25 years doesn’t waver.

On paper we don’t work but in real life it’s like being insinc with a twin with a person that knows you.a person that you can’t quite let them see all your intensity in case it’s to much.

Marriage is ways a work in progress wether one year or eighty then is always something. There is always something new to learn see or feel experience it is t always easy, but easy is never always right it is real raw and awsome.

I love and adore him he was and is always my hero someone who is always there when I need him someone I sometimes push away so I can be at peace wirhout the intensity of my feelings. I think I am finally letting see the real me.

I do think I make him as uncomfortable as he makes me sometimes but that is Love. To me

Happy 25 years together my Nik

Always and forever your wife

Faye XXX

I used to write to home like this all the time maybe I write here knowing he doesn’t read it I am more than a little proud to be his wife, I am honoured to stand by this man side forever

Sorry for the mushy but that’s who I am