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Hi all Today`s update,

Wow what can i say but another £10 donated by my aunt Barbara today so thank you very much, plus another shock in store when i checked my bank before doing the weekly shop, i had a claim for damages to my car as someone kicked it, they were ordered to pay compensation of my excess, which then they only made a small payment, i did think i would probably not see the rest or if i did get it it would be small amount`s each month but to my surprise £177 was paid in today so thankful that i am also able to pay towards my book as well as receiving donations. Makes me feel less guilty asking for help so now all there is left to raise is £496 still quite a bit but not such a big hill to get there now.

Emo the Emotional Elf and his brothers Derrick, Fredrick and Norman have been so very busy helping dad in the garden while Niki and Jake were at school, they helped with the vegetable Garden because Mum loves it when dad makes things look nice plus dad is so much better mum some how always  does it wrong.

Emo and his brothers also collected the sticks into a huge pile, they love getting dirty! just like the children playing in dirt is the best.  Suddenly the elves heard the loud rumbled dad was mowing the grass and didn`t see the elves Emo grabbed his brothers and made a run for it at warp speed who would have thought elves (could run so fast), to the little Greek house in the garden dad had made for all the children last year and climbed through the window to wait until the coast was clear,  or at least until dad stopped with the mowing and the deafening sound of of dads booming voice signing like a bat out of hell he-he. The elves decided to bask in the sun for a while.

After about 10 minutes wait dad went inside to have a coffee with mum while the elves checked on the herbs and flowers in the garden, before going inside to hang out and take selfies with mum. while they were there mum was telling them all about the book she had written about them to help other children the elves were so very excited to learn a book with them in is going to be in shops and online all over the world from London all the way through Europe to america and Australia and hopefully the whole world one day.

Everyone loves a great Christmas story with a happy ending full of funny elves  and a mum and dad and there kids, sharing their lives to put a smile on others faces, mum always wants to make a difference to children`s lives and maybe even adults along the way, to show families how they can over come any challenges good or bad together.

Thanks for reading

With love Faye, Emo the Emotional Elf and his brothers xxxx

Please continue to share and donate if you can our little family from England

Our family realy does appreciate it.

Sending love and hugs even if you just read many thanks.