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Hi all today’s update.

Thank you so much Sandy and Pat,for the ££50 donation yesterday the total left toIMG_20180503_232052_675 raise now is only £683.

Thank you too everyone that has donated or shared or even just read

The updates or commented or just spoke to me about any of the issues the book is supost to highlight, the book and myself are open and welcoming to be able to bring talking about our emotions and issues that are affecting more and more people in society today, everyone suffers a loss of an important person or persons in life, 1in 4 are affected by Mental health ,more and more are affected by natural disasters. Then we have tragedies like then Grenfell and Manchester and the stabbings that have been happening to our children in London those affected by grooming gangs or me too. American schools shootings

There is so much more in life at the moment that has an impact as we see and here it every where we go services are running at breaking point even though more funds are put in.

Who is going to help these kids in the mean time while they wait, who is going to stand by them and and speak up for them. I hate seeing these young children devestatedby these events I hate seeing more kids that are different not getting the support to deal with these huge feelings I see and watch anger building in our youths as they have no outlet.

Emo the Emotional Elf book will be out on 31st of May if I can raise this last little amount.
It is so real yesterday we finalised the cover we were given too options and all both were good we went with the original, still just waiting for book to come back from type setting so not long now, I asked Hayley her opinion as well on cover she choose the first one. As you know Hayley can’t read or write but she likes looking she also choose the first one I asked her why and she said because it’s family so very sweet she is one of the first people I will give my book took.The book is for everyone regardless of ability or disability that’s why it has words and photos.

So any donations or share no matter how small
Will really help