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Hi all,

Today`s update, I like to do it differently. Still £733 to raise and fast approaching deadline to when full funds are paid to publishers Help is so needed right now to make that happen.

The book is to be able to help kids to understand their emotions, but also I think it can be a way of adults making the changes as well and learn the stress we feel as adults we are passing on to our younger generation,

That is why there is also a crisis in health and mental health as well as education it is not something that is going to go unless big changes are made, there has to be a better way than cutting  cost to these vital services that helps our society not only thrive but survive.


Emo the Emotional Elf is being his lovable self, He is proud to be an autism awareness Elf.

He will always be there to love and to care, so please keep up with the DONATIONS and SHARES.

He wants to show the world how to be fair, he fights for love and inclusion, and no more kids for exclusion.

For invisible disabilities, are defiantly there!


Whether it affects the body or mind learn to be inclusive and kind, offer friendship and fun to kids who have none. If you don`t the anxiety can`t be undone.

One day, you never know you might become stuck, it could be your kid`s schools that are cut.

They become visible then and they will fight for you and you`re right`s again, you just assume they can`t make a good friend.


Emo says do you know what you can do to help, let these kids learn to just be themselves.

Learn all that you can to be inclusive, Mainstream Doesn`t make you exclusive!

Make sure you`re school adapts to their needs, hey don`t forget the important sensory issues and needs.


We may not have physical aids, but it’s a disability all the same,

The children have a face that goes with the name,

Take away the disabled, give them support and there abled, and some of their anxiety fades.


If you’re unkind and you`re cruel, then you are the fool, it should be you that has too change school.

One that teaches manners and respect known’s how to deal with their debt,

So all kids can advance because their given a chance, the politics kids need to forget.

They need to use imagination and be inspired, by teachers that understand and they can admire.


That is the poem that Emo has now, let’s help the kids understand Emotions somehow.

You know your school is not just about sport, it`s about learning your children`s strength`s and that some kids need education support, in order to achieve they need you to believe and put their needs ahead of yourself.


While adult`s are arguing about funds, the emotions are building in themselves.

They are creating this unreasonable fear that the kids really don’t need to feel or need to hear.

So takes some advice from myself and Emo the Emotional Elf, your passing you`re stress on to them,

When is the disruption to their education going to end? Before all the progress they make is undone.


Many thanks for reading the book is to help with many things but is also a way to positively channel the feelings that come with the process of diagnosis and sorting and keeping support which is vital for my children and many more.

If you can feel what they actually feel and experience what they all do, you will see just how extremely brave and courageous they are every day good days and their worst days.


Many thanks Faye, and Emo the Emotional Elf


Please continue to share and if you can donate the dead line for the funds is this month




#author #children #book #emotions #funding #autism #anxiety #mentalhealth #schools #awareness