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Emo the Emotional Elf update. Hi all as you know I am mum of three children of which 2 are autistic and have anxiety amongst other issues. You are also aware that i work with adults and children with and without disabilities, also that my fathers side of the family have Huntington disease. Our life comes with many different challenges but we grow stronger by the day  and learn so much together, as much as the challenging times there are more times that we laugh and smile, this is why i am still raising funds by go fund me as the book Emo the Emotional elf brings so much more positive moments to our day, the £733 that is still left to raise at the moment feels like a million but i am sure i will get there before the dead line for which i have to pay. i have seen it is up for pre-sale in many countries around the world which i am so proud of. So any donations or shares will just help me to achieve this, thank you to those that all ready have you have been a major part of our journey too.

best wishes Faye xx