Emo the Emotional Elf update. #author #publishing #Christmas #book #fundraising #elves #autism #anxiety #emotions #mentalhealth

Hi all just finished sorting the bits for cover of book, that I needed to do thank you Nik for your help!!
I am learning how to do things right with your guidance.
We still need Shares and donations to make this happen so continued help is very much appreciated.
Took Niki Jake and Holly for a trip to local Nature reserve today, but Emo decided to stay and keep dad company which was a bit of a shame he would of loved to take a selfie with the alpaca`s.
We had fabulous Fun in the sun lots of socialising with the animals, and crazy mummy moments,
Yes that’s right I got over excited and dropped my phone, Opp`s oh dear cracked screen, at least it was down the loo this time he-he.
The nearer it gets to the book release the more my old self is coming back it`s amazing reaching a goal you set for yourself, the book is one of the major goals I have ever tried to achieve, that’s what my families faith in me has done and like I never give up on them, they have pushed me in to a new way of being and that I should have done years ago.
So advice I would give to anyone looking at trying something completely out of your comfort zone,
Is go for it whatever it is, for it is not whether you succeed or fail it`s that you try, you grow, learn develop and move to the next stage of life don`t be scared or held back by anxiety or that people will judge you as they will whether you take a chance or not. Do it with your own personality don`t compromise, on your own vision of something it`s why I choose Melrose books and not the first publishers handing over something that is as much a part of me and my growth as it is about my kids and family.
I got this far by staying true, honest, loving and caring.
To all the children in the family I love seeing the photos of you all and your beautiful faces and achievements it’s a true honour to be a part of your life’s and watch you grow.
to all the new connections and whom I see as new friends thanks for sharing your lives with me and continued positive
vibes you bring to my life and the children’s.
So this update is to celebrate the book to celebrate everyone`s part in helping to make this book reality, Nik it was you who very first though my Emo Christmas stories should be made in to the book, it was also you who pushed the send button after I found the first publishers it is always you and the children in the back ground, so thank you all so very much.
Have a beautiful week all
Much love always and forever Faye, and not forgetting Emo the Emotional Elf and his Elf Family xxx
#author #publishing #Christmas #book #fundraising #elves #autism #anxiety #emotions #mentalhealth