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Hi all exciting news today heard from the publishers, I got the template of front and back cover today to look over, the book is off being typed set and will be back with me at the end of this month for final approval. I can`t believe a year has passed since the first offer of partnership deal.

I am glad I have chosen Melrose books to work with; it just felt so right they saw my book as I saw it and went with my vision of what I wanted; they are fabulous to work with they have delivered on everything they look out in the world. Just £733 left to raise in a few weeks.

This morning I had school issues to think about again, but when that email came in it was like there is my positive there is my motivation to keep on going with the book and in speaking up against the changes to Jake`s. Support

Emo the Emotional Elf has helped our family so much in so many ways to keep moving forward in our pursuit, to have the correct support at school for both Niki and Jake.

Something to take away from the stress of these added complications that keep coming up, it has given us the ability to use our voices for positive change in how our kids are seen and treated.

I am so proud of myself for learning so very much and growing stronger physically. This is a year for reaching goals for all of us the fight to keep support, and will continue no doubt until my children are no longer in the education system then begins the battle for adult services.

But now I have this book the children have this book to continue to bring positive things into their lives, family will have a lasting memory of their loved ones who have passed, and we all will gain strength,

Please continue to Share the more shares leads to more views which in turn I hope will lead to more DONATIONS !! but also keep the book in the public eye so many can see it.

I really do hope It helps many other families there are so many on this journey not being supported or heard, children and adults as well, if the book helps them to open up about their lives and share their stories it has the potential to affect change.

Thank you all so very much for you kind reads, shares, retweets and likes of the campaign,But most of all you brought so much sunshine to our lives with your donations I am for ever going to remember it a story to share with generations about how there are some really magical and beautiful hearts in the world. The money being raised covers 2 years marketing advice as well so is on-going after the book is out. I hope when there is a book signing I will get to meet some of you that has donated that I haven’t met so I can look you in the face and say thank you, for me to say that is big progress because I don’t find it easy to talk sometimes, unless it`s to family that is something I hope will be the biggest change for me, my kids are doing the same.

Love Faye