Family!!! a twist of stress!!! a dab of hospitals, and a whole heap of love.

Well since Easter which was awesome, things have been more than a little full on, my family like to make an impact ๐Ÿ˜€ Hayley slipped and fractured her wrist, my brother got a small cut on his finger which turned loosen and is on op number five, but at least he still has a hand that is a blessing may take a while to get it working again, but still has his five little fingers, which is the first thing parents count when Thier kids are born.

My mum has be extremely worried and stressed by it not only because it is her son, but because she has a flare up of her feet and was in excutiating pain , she has now been admitted to the hospital.

One of my aunt’s got funding for new care home while the other was refused funding they have Huntington’s and are able still to clearly communicate they want to be together they have recently just lost two sisters so it’s extremely important that they are together.

This is just how it works in our family but some good has come of this they are starting to look after themselves, a bit better and talking about there stress levels a d how it needs to be spoken about.

There is alot going on, all I know is it is so easy when in pain to act differently less patient then you normally would.

Worry sometimes is the biggest cause of anxiety and anxiety is the biggest cause of how physical elements heal.

Both affect your physical and mental state of mind.

I think some times pain causes stress, which highers blood pressure and heart rate and when you have infections they spread quicker because of this add on top of that diabetes and it is truly complicated.

My family is kind of strange as quite alot of us have allergies to antibiotics especially the penicillin groups and any anti inflammatory meds. This inturn cause issues getting infections gone quickly.

I am glad my husband’s here the first thing I see when I wake and last thing I see before I sleep that is unless the kiddos need there mum in the night.

Which is quite alot, Jake is coming down with a cold that’s having an impact on his heart rate again we are still waiting results from his 7day ECG monitor.

My dad is still awaiting results from his MRI.

And we still have to fight for funding for our aunt as when she had her care needs reaccessed they said she now needs one to one care, we knew this and told them as well but now’s it’s about money and not the person, there is so much of our story to tell but some our hands and mouths are silenced for awhile and really can’t talk about another highly complicated situation that understandingly is adding to the pressure on my family.

I am a person that has learnt to talk about feelings and how this affects everyone but also part of the reason for the Emo the Emotional Elf book.

I am sure there are many others that maybe affected by these issues but are made to feel they can’t talk about it.

Raising awareness for me by sharing what it’s like for families that go through these situations so very important, because it gives the ability for not only children to talk and feel less stressed but for adults to admit they also struggle because if you help the adult you also help the kid and the whole family.

Our family is quite outspoken bunch I have learnt to be less demure and shy and alot more outspoken on Thier behalf on for myself.

I am a pretty resilient type of person yes I can be a grumpy cat on many occasions but that’s ok because I have now found my ability to laugh again to enjoy the simplest of things around me. When it’s to much I listen to music or talk or write it’s such a good way of letting all the bad stuff out of you inner sled and in to the open, I find it extremely liberating and it no longer impacts on my own health. So one strong cookie that is me.

I also take my goofy side and act like a kid with the kids which inturn brings smiles and laughter to others just to lighten the worry.

Things can only get better from here ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€ Enjoy your day